Of bread, toasts, and everything else in-between

i stopped going out for burgers somehow… when we get the feeling i’m just buying the nancy silverton blend from huntington’s and frying up as we like… such as tonight! the hard part is finding a decent bun… everyone’s just selling brioche.

You can get pretzel buns @ gelsons too. Otherwise, 48 pack of Martins from the internet for $25ish + shipping.

just want a simple potato or egg bun such as the pic you posted… both whole foods and huntington’s sell brioche tho. pretzel is too hard. i may just have to go to a simple shop like ralphs

Buy Martin’s potato rolls and freeze em then you can have them whenever you want.

I didn’t leave Soviet Union to freeze bread :slight_smile:




Dude me and a Russian friend went to the Comedy store once and he made a surprise appearances. Minds blown. Dude is super smart


We toast English muffins on the grill for our (pork) burgers.

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Why not? If it’s going to be toasted I’ve not found the quality to suffer.

Think I’d rather deal with my kid whining about brioche than eat stale frozen reheated bread


1st world problems

I see no reason for it to be stale. Maybe you’re not wrapping it properly.

I think brioche has been done to death and I only get it now when I cook foie.

Frozen bread warmed up (toasted or not) never even remotely tastes as good as fresh bread

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I didn’t say it was like fresh out of the oven. But I find it completely acceptable. We’re a family of two so bread can last a while. And for English muffins which we mostly only use for burgers, they go almost immediately into the freezer. First world problem indeed.

While I agree with this general stance, when you’re a household of 1 or 2, sometimes sacrifices must be made.


I guess we agree to disagree that frozen bread is edible/acceptable.


(I really loathe that "agree to disagree btw.)

As I wrote, I/we only toast bread that has been frozen. Actually we toast almost all bread now that I think about it. Maybe that affects my bias. Hadn’t thought about that.

Not sure what quality of bread you buy but toasting (and thereby ruining it) is the last thing we would do to good quality bread. Only typical american sandwich bread (the one you can squeeze into a small bag and afterwards it pops up again to the old size) might be the only exception because it tends to be so low quality that only toasting might make it edible.

What on earth are you talking about? We like toast with our breakfast. We like sandwiches on toast. And dinner? Of course.

Oh and your comment about “ruining it” is rather judgmental, isn’t it?

Just my opinion that toasting ruins good quality bread as you no longer can taste the characteristics of the original bread - so toasting only helps if you are eating crappy bread - it’s like eating steak well done - why even bother