Of Macau Egg Tarts, Hong Kong Tofu Flower and Black Sesame Puree!



Thanks for the heads up! :smiley: It’s quite a coincidence that you had daofu hua (I think that’s what the tofu dessert is called in Mandarin?) and the black sesame at the same place since I also love the tofu dessert! It wasn’t always super easy to get even back when cart dim sum places ruled. How intense was the ginger syrup? W/ actual ginger slices in there, I wonder if it’d be overpowering…

Was planning to visit my parents next weekend (they live in the SGV) and might just have to make a pit stop… :slight_smile:

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Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

The Ginger Syrup wasn’t overpowering at all. Not like, say, Gjusta’s (awesome) Ginger Lemonade or anything. :wink: It made the Tofu Flower much more interesting than the typical ones we used to try at Dim Sum places.

Hope you get a chance to try both the Black Sesame and Tofu Flower. :slight_smile:

You can ask for it. At least at Sea Harbour. More often than not they will have it on hand, even at dinner.

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Oh nice! I just didn’t see it at least on the English menu, but that’s good to know. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Just between us chickens, many restaurants when they order tofu, they will often be given gratis buckets of 豆腐花.

Just a question of whether you get it first, or whether the staff does …

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Thanks, @Chowseeker1999! Do try Portugal Imports in Artesia. They make the egg custard tarts and they’re fantastic. They even come in lemon, coconut, and a few other flavors. I’ve never had them fresh from the oven, though…they’re probably fabulous. I head over there when I’ve got a craving for a solid egg custard tart…in fact, maybe this weeke because of your thoughtful review.


Wow, thanks for the rundown on Egg Tarts, @Chowseeker1999! Gonna have to try Jim’s sometime soon.

Thanks for also reminding me about VP Tofu; it’s been years since I’ve been :smiley:

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Thanks for the tip @attran99. I’ll have to check it out, or post some pics when you go. :slight_smile:

Thanks @strongoxman. :slight_smile: Yah, definitely give Jim’s a try, and you can stop by VP Tofu after (they’re like 3 minutes away from each other).


If you find yourself in San Francisco hit up Golden Gate Bakery! To me it is the best egg tart/dan taat I ever had. Not even Sea Harbour and Elite can compare. Death row dessert for me. Long wait time though.

And sometimes they are on vacation/fong gaa.

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Thanks for the recommendation @JeetKuneBao. :slight_smile: I’ll keep it in mind if we head north.

In case people were curious I updated the original post with prices for the Egg Tarts (since I already listed prices for the Tofu Flower and Black Sesame Puree). :slight_smile:

Essentially prices run from a very fair $1 - $1.50 / Egg Tart at all of the places we tried.

Chowseeker, what did you like better, Jims or Kee Wah?

heh, for reference this is the godlike egg tart I had from Honolulu Cafe in HK.


Thanks for the writeup. If you want piping hot egg tarts, you should ask them about their baking schedule. Jim’s usually puts them out a little after 12 noon on Saturdays. I burned my mouth with some of their Macau-style egg tarts.

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Hi @Ns1,

That looks amazing! The glistening custard. I can imagine them piping hot and with a nice flaky crust. :slight_smile: Lucky!

I think we liked Jim’s more, but only because we lucked out and got their Macau / Portuguese Egg Tarts almost out of the oven (still very warm almost hot). And they were so good. :slight_smile:

If we had Kee Wah’s right out of the oven they might’ve been fantastic also.

I wish these places adopted Krispy Kreme’s Neon Light “Donut Signal” (when it’s lit up, you know there’s fresh donuts! :smile:).

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Hi @raytamsgv,

Thanks for the tip! When we asked our server (who spoke perfect English), she told us that there wasn’t a guaranteed time except first thing in the morning when they open, so we just showed up whenever we could.

But now we know (a little bit after 12 Noon on Saturdays), got it. :slight_smile:

In addition, you can order ahead the morning before you pick up, and they will tell you the earliest time it’s ready. This also applies for non-egg tart items, they will hold/make it for you if you call the morning before.


Great tip! Thanks @blimpbinge. :slight_smile: