Of Macau Egg Tarts, Hong Kong Tofu Flower and Black Sesame Puree!


Cool. I’m still going to spend my money there. Worth every penny to me.

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Thanks @thechez5. :slight_smile: Yah I have that link bookmarked. :wink: It saved us an Uber ride over the 2nd and 3rd visits, but they were still closed the entire time we were out there visiting. :cry: One day!

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Thanks @Happybaker, hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Note that on weekends, V P Tofu can sell out by 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. depending on the fluctuation of customers. We showed up once around 2:30 or so and they still had plenty, but on a few occasions by 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. they were sold out of everything! :frowning:

I’m guessing weekdays are easier?

And remember if you order the Sweet Black Sesame Puree, ask them for some (free) Coconut Milk topping. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Agree it’s not the same since the original baker died.


Hi @chandavkl,

Oh wow, sorry to hear! When did this happen? :frowning:


Okay Chowseeker1999, we’ll focus on weekdays and? Getting there midday at the latest!

Thank you for the extra info!

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i recall when happy bakery was the standard for egg tarts 25 years ago (i used to pick up a dozen and take them on the plane when i flew back east for the holidays). it was a sad moment when it burned down. i heard it reopened somewhere to the east on valley, but i never found it. has anyone else here done so, and if so, are their tarts still the same?


Actually not quite true, Golden Gate Bakery is still pretty decent from a recent visit since I made that comment (the line was short at the time but still ended up waiting 30 mins as it was during the Chinese New Year Parade) and very good for SF. The puff pastry crust recipe has changed notably compared to 10+ years ago (they say the original chef passed away and nobody really learned the puff pastry ropes properly from him), but other than that the center is still very good. But locals have mixed opinions that stem from diminishing returns and the wait being not worth the hype. It’s subjective in the end, but I haven’t found other options that are anywhere as good. Consume same day for best results, but if reheating, toaster oven only and don’t let it sit more than one day overnight (two days is pushing it, do-able but integrity changes exponentially by then).

The biggest setback is the price which has shot up a lot (over $2 each now, I forget what it is exactly but $2.15 to $2.30 each is best guess).


This the one?


those d’on tot look familiar. i’d be curious to see how they stack up against the ones mentioned in this thread. i’d also forgotten about their chang fun which apparently are still very good. i’ll have to try to stop by some time in the next couple of weeks. thanks.


Hi @beefnoguy,

Ah sorry if I misremembered. Maybe one of my visits will also have Golden Gate open at the same time and I can finally try it. :slight_smile:


I think that was 5 to 7 years ago.

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Yelp picture of the filling

I have absolutely no reference point for these other than - like @Chowseeker1999 - reading about them on FTC. Macau anything is intriguing to me, and I love custardy things, so… I inquired about where to get them without traveling to another county. @bulavinaka said Natas. We happened to be staying in Sherman Oaks for a few days during our nomadic existence and I remembered this rec. We didn’t know they were supposed to be hot (would have been great), and judging by Chowseeker1999’s standards they definitely look over cooked. But I must admit, we rather enjoyed them.

P.S. Judging by pictures on this thread, the Portuguese Egg Tarts are definitely more carmelized than the Hong Kong version. But the HK version look exactly like my custard dreams.


Thanks for the report @TheCookie and reminder. :slight_smile: We have this bookmarked as well thanks to @bulavinaka and @ipsedixit. One of these days!

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Add Bronzed Aussie to your itinerary.


Thanks @Chowseeker1999.

It seems from your reports the slightly sweeter, creamier Po Tarts (Natas) have your edge on the Hong Kong-style Egg Tarts? I’m really curious about HK-style now. Your description of Po Tarts reads like my ultimate pastry and Natas were very good even room temperature. But the HK-style look like shiny, egg yolky goodness… hmmm :thinking:

P.S. It seems breakfast at Natas is the ticket. The Portuguese dinner menu is supposedly hit ‘n miss. Also the owner seems like a bit of a battle-axe, which rarely translates to good service. I’m not deterred, but it puts my expectations in perspective.

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I :heart: meat pies! Bummed Garlo’s in Westwood closed before I could try them. Any other recs?


Just thinking out loud here…take it to the next level: have their Pastel de Nata and put it side by side with the best Macanese style Portugese baked egg tart you can get your hands on, and pair them with a good port. Looks like Natas Pastries has Pocas white, Pocas 10 and 20 year (or do a flight of all three…go big or go home).


Hi @TheCookie,

You can head out to the SGV one of these days and try out these Egg Tarts for yourself (and try one of the other restaurants out there). :wink:

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Okay, let me start by saying. Maybe the folks that think Natas is hit ‘n miss don’t know what they’re doing. Possibly? You were certainly able to peruse the menu and pull a cool wine (port) rec. Good stuff!

Now with that out of the way. This is where it gets confusing. Are Portuguese Egg Tarts (Nata) and Macau-style egg tarts the same, slightly different or different?