OG Sichuan Impression vs. Sichuan Impression (Santa Monica Blvd.): Real Fiery Hot Sichuan Cuisine Hits the Westside! [Thoughts + Pics]



The toothpicks supposedly keep the meat from clumping together in the wok.

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Yes , I believe you are referring to me and my ilk - I love that dish. I don’t mind spending 20 minutes or more sifting thought the chili’s to find a morsel of meat, sucking the sauce off the tiny bones and chomping on the chili soaked lotus and other veggies.

I also like the draft and bottled beer selection as well as the sake.


I like the king pao chicken the most. The fish is my second favorite. I did not like the rabbit at all, like you said, it was very bony. I’m used to fat European style rabbits.


Hi @CiaoBob,

Nice! You survived the Rabbit with no issue? :sweat_smile: Have you tried Level 4 “Hot” at Howlin’ Ray’s yet (w/ Ghost Chili Pepper)? :smile:

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Once. Brutal. Did not enjoy. Long time ago (truck days, not brick and mortar).

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Thanks @Bookwich. :slight_smile: I’ll give their kung pao chicken a try next time. Loved both fish dishes I tried!

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Glad you enjoyed that. :slight_smile: It was the only dish that I enjoyed from my first (and only visit), and I just loved it (there was something wonderfully comforting about it). The other dishes I ordered made so little of an impression on me that I can’t even remember what I got. :frowning: I def didn’t order the ribs or the mapo tofu (which I think @Bookwich also really enjoys?), so perhaps I need to make a return visit.


Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Thanks. Yah I think the Pork Ribs and Ma Po Tofu are standout dishes here for sure. You might give them a try along with your favorite noodles and that’ll make for a nice dinner. :slight_smile:

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