O'Heavy Noodles Replacement Is Pretty Good

For a place with its pedigree and the exposure it received, O’Heavy Noodles cratered pretty quickly, lasting less than a year. Surprisingly it’s been replaced by a pretty good place in the form of Wu’s Kitchen. Not sure how to describe the menu at Wu’s Kitchen, which includes crawfish, garlic shrimp, chicken feet skewers, tomato egg noodle soup, and stinky tofu among a whole bunch of other stuff. I had the XLB, which was one of the better thick skinned versions of that dish I’ve had. And it was only $4.95, which rockets it to the top of food values in the SGV. Wu’s Kitchen is at least the 10th occupant of its particular stall in the Pacific Plaza Food Court (18457 Colima Road #E) in the 20 years that mall has been open. (I’ve actually been to 10 restaurants at that location and I wouldn’t be surprised if another one or two opened and shut before I got there. It’s locations like this that make it easier to add to my restaurant list numbers)


Two words.

Feng Shui

Two more words:

Pokemon Go.