Okay... Friday 2:00ish for a NICE lunch on the westside

We’re getting an afternoon babysitter so my wife and I can slip out for an anniversary lunch (on Cinco de Mayo… long story). We won’t have toooooo much time away (because the kids are 9 and 1), but we’d like to do something nice(ish). Meaty, meaty, meat places are not on the agenda, but no limits on ethnic/funky/spicy food.

We live in costal Santa Monica, and don’t want to spend our hours away in traffic.


Nobu - Malibu


If the weather is fine you might enjoy a poolside table at Fig, in the Sheraton.

The patio at Bottlefish

Omakase at Sushi tsujita

Love it but they close at 2:30.
OP needs an all day joint.

Malibu Farm
Chaya Venice (although I don’t like what they’ve done to it)
Tra di Noi

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Too late for Chinois?

All great options. Most of which were on my list already, thanks!

My wife has thrown Inotheke into the mix… any thoughts?

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The food at Inotheke is very good (a lighter touch than, say, the Greek food at Papa Cristo’s or Delphi) and the prices are reasonable, though portions are not huge. The moussaka there may be my favorite restaurant rendition in the L.A. area, The space is clean but somewhat plain. As the name suggests, Inotheke offers a good selection of Greek wines, in case you want to toast your Anniversary. Carolos is a wonderful host; if you go, let him know it is for your anniversary.