Old Lightning, Venice

Stumbled across this article and was intrigued, even as a non-alcohol-consuming individual. Has anyone here been?


i saw that article and am glad you are inquiring. i’d be curious to know
if this place DOESN’T represent everything that is wrong with…everything.

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Sounds very interesting. Thanks for posting.

Have you always wallowed in being a contrarian or is this some sad, recent development in life?


The owner sounds incredibly pretentious, and false demand tricks (no sign! no phone number! reservations only!) annoy me, but I must confess, I’m easily swayed by the offer of rare or vintage spirits.

What I don’t understand is, if the bar owner is such a connoisseur, why is he mixing rare rums into a fruit punch? Any decent rum can be mixed with pineapple and lime juices for a good cocktail. I shudder to tthink what he’s doing with his Pappy van Winkle.

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I find it intriguing, pretentious, and off-putting. Definitely not my cup of tea (if I were wittier I’d substitute the name of some cocktail for the word “tea” but I’m not so I won’t).

I’m just not hip, nor turned on by the exclusivity stuff. In fact, this pretty much completely rubs me the wrong way. However, I am fascinated by this kind of marketing and just as fascinated by people who think this sounds interesting and would like to try it (the “human psychology” aspect of food and drinking is always absorbing to me).

So it’s not my thing but I’m still interested, if that makes sense.


I’m always interested in a good new cocktail spot. Don’t mind the reservation aspect, even though it’s a bit played out. (PDT and Milk & Honey were doing it a decade ago.)

I really can’t decide whether I love or hate the no cell phone policy.


I’m curious how it works. Frisk you as you walk in? Confiscate it if you pull it out?

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I’m going to bring a burner flip phone and give em that one.


lol -we need a bounty put on a picture of a cocktail from this joint!

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The concept makes me think of this article (can’t recall if it was posted here or on HO - would like to credit the OP):


ive never been smart enough to be fluent in non sequitors, so my answer to you is grape jack plane smells bumper pool.

I listened to this the other day, and the article immediately made me think of it. http://theseunitedstatesstories.libsyn.com/tuss-ep-14-muddling-in-mixology

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Lots of bars play the “impossible to find” game. It’s a great marketing that works well in creating demand. Insiders always want to know the latest “secret” everything that nobody else has heard of. To some, it’s pretentious, but I kind of find this sort of marketing gimmick to be part and parcel with these types of bars. E.g. the Laundry Room in Vegas off the strip. If the place is worth its weight, then I don’t mind, but they better back it up or else it’s a naked emperor.

Quite an interesting story about Baehrel. The math doesn’t add up for me, but hey, he’s got people talking about it.

With all of that said, I may check this out next week…if I can get in!


I’d probably love it but I’m WAY to lazy to make reservations for a bar.

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