Old Shanghai Kitchen - gone?

Looks like bad news Barry, Old Shanghai Kitchen is closed today and it looks rather more than temporarily. Someone else will have to follow up check.

Isn’t this the one that replaced Dalian Small Stone Pot? I miss that one…

FWIW according to their website http://www.oldshanghaikitchen.com/

they are closed on wednesdays. but it would be a shame if they have shuttered.

i heard that they had some supply issues for a while; sometimes things on the menu wouldn’t be available. that would snowball if that happened often enough and they lost business.

Oh. Thanks. Hopefully I’m wrong about the closure being more than routine, though it wouldn’t be the first time a SGV restaurant caught one of us out, either being closed when we thought they were open or being open when we thought they were closed.

Turns out my original assessment was correct. Went by just after 6 PM this evening and completely dark, doors locked.

that’s too bad,

Drove by this morning. A new banner, “Shanghai Bistro”, is hung at the store front. May need to try it sometime.

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incorporated 6/2/16, menu looks a lot like the OSK menu. i suspect a financial restructuring of some sort but same folks.

Tried this restaurant last week.

The seaweed fried fish is the best I’ve had in the SGV. The fish melted in my mouth. It’s about as good as fish fry gets IMO.

Smoked octopus was pretty good. The texture was great, but I was bored by the run-of-the-mill “five spice” flavoring.

the seaweed fried fish at ahgoo in elmonte may not be better but it’s awfully good.

Stopped by yesterday. Seems to be entirely different ownership and people, but barry, I’ll defer to you on that one. I haven’t yet had time to do side-by-side menu comparisons.

Looked like a different operation to me.

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chandavkl, I concur.

had lunch there recently.

the menu is indeed very different, though the dishes that survived the menu makeover are the same.

it’s my take that the choice of the term bistro is very apropos; most of the prep/effort for a significant percentage of the dishes is now done beforehand. example: salted pork belly steamed over dried bean curd, no less subtle in taste and texture compared to other dishes eaten there when it was still OSK, but the main effort of prepping the delicately salted pork belly is done beforehand.

a larger selection of cold items on the menu

all things that are pretty much prepared beforehand and ready to serve, or only the final steps required to serve requires relatively less… finesse.

IIRC the interior used to be green it’s bright yellow now. and the room seems smaller for it, but that is of course entirely subjective.

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