Olio $5 margarita pizzas month of October

Birthday special. Third street. You’re welcome.

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both locations, homie.


Word. I think they r bigger in weho

I’ll hit that fucking shit up tomorrow morning to complement my GCM burger.

I like their regular Margherita in GCM, but the Margherita Plus w/ burrata is where it’s at.

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I have a hard time getting away from that thin sliced fennel salami too. But $5 regular margarita works! Do they have that chile oil downtown? Love that stuff

Was at GMC tonight and there was no mention (signage-wise) of the special. =( But I had the 3 cheese (and greatly enjoyed it).

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Didn’t see any signs at other olio. Waitress just told us. I’m gonna try to get some to go tomorrow for the games.



if you absolutely need that fennel, they offer it in a salad.

i’m a pig.
i had BOTH the fennel salad with roasted grapes AND the birthday pizza.


Yeah I’m a pig too-I prefer fennel in a salami than in a salad. If you go back and want dessert although they do this nice chocolate pizza our bang bang bang move is to walk across the street and east a block to Carmela for ice cream and Socerbit for candy.

GCM or fucking WeHoooo ???


is this the chocolate pizza of which you speak?


i don’t see a “chocolate pizza” on the menu.

Might be called something else. It is sort of folded over from the sides into the middle and in there is chocolate and chocolate crumble on top too. Gooey. It won’t hurt!

Last day for the $5 pizzas.

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Damnit. I missed it the whole fucking month.

gotta say, the olio pizza was delish

also gotta say,
the pizza is still available, it will just cost a little more.
my advice is to go there anyway and enjoy yourself.
imho, it still is a very reasonably priced meal for the deliciousness that you get.

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