Olive Wagyu on Crowd Cow

The rarest steak on the planet for sale through Crowd Cow. Has anybody ever purchased meat on this site? I’ve perused but never pulled the trigger. I’m sure there won’t be any of this Wagyu left for purchase for non repeat customers.

Signed up for their email. Still trying to figure out how to actually purchase this stuff…

Same here. I received the email about a new Wagyu cow but it is in the future.

If you click on an active cow you’ll go to a page where it says buy your share to see what is available to purchase.

I just ordered a steak, we’ll see how it turns out.

Just saw an article on NHK - yuzu-fed beef. Let us know how it tastes. :grinning:

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Saw some sanuki olive beef at shibumi but haven’t tried it yet.

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Will do, picking up some truffles tomorrow to pair. Just discovered I live close to a truffle distributor :smile:

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A4 Olive Wagyu (top) vs regular A5 wagyu taste-off. Served carpaccio style and pan seared.


Star of the dinner - koshihikari rice fried in rendered wagyu drippings, garlic and topped with truffles. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Verdict - Olive wagyu. Nice rounded buttery flavor compared to the regular wagyu which has a more pronounced irony profile when comparing side-by-side.

Officially OD’ed on Wagyu :face_with_head_bandage:

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I’m so impressed by that photo.

Dat fat distribution.

Is olive beef considered a fruit? Asking for a friend.

New A5 from Kagoshima available

Not being sarcastic, did you mean to write “irony”?

Found these two links:

Costco getting into the wagyu game. Way too rich for my blood (in many ways). Is this a good deal?

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Our store has that kiolbassa in the store. robert told us about it and we’ve bought several times.

I won’t be getting the Wagyu. For those prices I can buy plane tickets :smile: