Omar's Restaurant in San Gabriel

Does anyone know what’s the status with Omar’s? They’re normally open on Sundays, but last night, in passing by, I noticed they were closed. Are they on vacation, or…?

Did you try phoning them?

We’ve got an Englishman on our hands?

Don’t they go on annual vacation?

They were open today.

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really? i thought that OMAR was closed on tues & wed.

They are. But the “today” was in reference to yesterday, which was a Monday.

Who, again, was on first?

should have checked the date.

in the midwest, there’s little incentive to keep track of what day it is - except for fridays when catholic churches serve plates of huge pierogies. (central european)


Must’ve been what a friend who has been to the Midwest told him.


i just got back from LAX; went back east to celebrate dad’s 95th b-day. but ohio is a good place to be from.


not that you’d have reason to remember, but some of us know i went to UM. go blue!

Boo! :-1:t4::-1:t3:

yep. buckeye by birth; wolverine by choice.

Here is a photo of Wolverine (in Japan)…

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UCLA is a good school academically too.

I was planning to head back for a dinner with a group of friends soon, but the Yelp reviewers from the last 4 months seem to indicate that the quality of the food has gone downhill, and they believe there’s been a change in ownership and/or staff. Anyone have any info on this?

I just ate at Omar’s (not San Gabriel, but rather the Artesia location, which was recently renovated very nicely) —> Really good stuff. Big plate of chicken featured wonderfully ‘Q’ noodles and lots of nice spices. Would go back.

Friday was also when the tiny diner that served a big bank building downtown, would serve excellent cream of broccoli soup, and yummy macaroni and cheese. I didn’t even work there, I was an intern blocks away, but it was so good and cheap, I made sure to go there on Fridays. And yes, that was in the midwest as well!