On the Hunt for Rhubarb

I’ve been dying to make rhubarb cordial, but I can’t seem to find rhubarb anywhere. I tried Whole Foods in Playa Vista and El Segundo, Vicente Foods, and Grow in Manhattan Beach. Did I miss rhubarb season? Has anyone seen it in a grocery store or at a farmer’s market lately? Thanks so much!

I kmow its kinda far but they had rhubarb at the weho farmers market today. Maybe try a farmers market in the south bay

I don’t know the name of the stand but at the SMFM wednesday edition the lady at the NW corner of the ally on Arizona by the burger Lounge usually has them. But you are competing against pastry chefs so get there early. They aren’t consistently red (weather is just to hot) but they are good.

crikey i swear i saw rhubarb at pavilions yesterday.

pretty sure that’s because it’s a spring plant? not totally sure though.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll hit up a farmer’s market in the next couple of weeks. The tip about competing against pastry chefs is especially helpful.

@linus, do you remember which Pavillions had rhubarb. I tried the one in Culver City this morning, but no luck.

I’ve read that rhubarb’s season is concurrent with strawberries, so I assume I should be able to get it until September. The season could be way shorter than that though.


Many thanks, @linus!

Plenty of rhubarb at the Albertsons in Los Feliz today.

Thank you so much, @tailbacku!

Stehly Farms had rhubarb at the Tuesday Torrance farmer’s market. They’re there on Saturdays, too. :slight_smile:

I purchased a boatload of rhubarb at the Los Feliz Albertsons today, @tailbacku. Thanks again!

I finally made rhubarb cordial and had lots of leftover rhubarb compote, which was addictively tart. I plan on serving the compote with homemade sugar cream pie on Father’s Day. I anticipate making many more batches of cordial/compote this summer, so I will definitely stock up on Stehly Farms’ rhubarb in the near future. I appreciate the tip, @pomsmoms.

FTCers, you are beautiful, smart people!

If you’re interested in the recipe, I combined these two:


Dang I have not seen Rhubarb at Super King for at least a month and a half! Congrats on finding some!

It normally is a spring plant, I don’t think it’s completely concurrent with strawberries…

I’ve read conflicting info regarding rhubarb season. Apparently in England, it’s available until September. As for its season in The States, I’m not so sure, but I’m extremely grateful to have had a chance to cook with it.

Malady -

It is such a fun veggie!

Can’t speak for the whole of the US but generally, it is a spring vegetable and, does best in places where the winter has a hard freeze. (So California, where I now live, must mostly import.) That said, last early winter some showed up ay my local market. I have no idea how or why but it was beautiful and I bought pounds of it to play!

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As seen @ Gelson’s Valley Village

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Your tip came just in time, @Ns1! I noticed that I was down to the last 1/3 of my rhubarb compote. Time for me to stock up and make some more. Thanks so much!

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Season depends on where you are. In the Midwest I remember getting it all summer, but I think that’s because they were backyard-garden plants that were actually picked and used by maybe half the gardeners. To me it was just one of those things I liked to yank off a stalk and chew on once in a while, until Mrs. Tucker across the street gave us a jar of her stewed rhubarb one year and my attitude got a lot clearer.

BTW, as fond as I am of that mainstay, the strawberry-rhubarb pie, Linn’s up in Cambria makes a RASPBERRY-rhubarb that is an even better invention. Less of a battle of flavors, more of a dance. Lovely!

I’d love to invent some pairing of rhubarb and pork. Any ideas?

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You had me curious so I did a little google-ing and this one uses rhubarb instead or the usual apple sauce by Niegel Slater.

And Jamie Oliver has an Asian inspired recipe that could be interesting. The recipes I’ve done of his usually work well

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Oh, before I forget. Rhubarb for 3$ a lb at the Trevino farms stand (Lompoc) at the Wednesday SM FM.

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