Only in the SGV--Discovered On Monday, Closed (Temporarily) Thursday

On Monday JThur01’s LA Weekly article on P & R Taste was published, detailing their Hangzhou style mini-buns. Jim’s article did contain the caveat that the restaurant would be relocating at any time. Well, 3 days later they temporarily closed–to get married and go on their honeymoon. They’ll reopen at an unspecified time and place after they get back from Maui.


Thanks for the update David. I’ve always had a great fear that something would be published on the day that a place closed. It happened once, but fortunately only for the original location of a place that had opened a second location - which continued on.

Being breakfast & lunch only, and sharing a space with an entirely different restaurant for dinner/late night, both under out of date English signage made it very much an “only in the SGV” place. Perhaps the most.