Ooak Kitchen In Culver City Rebrands As 51 Kitchen

The conversion and spinoff of Ooak Kitchen into a dim sum and Chinese seafood restaurant seems to be a two step process. They just changed the name to 51 Kitchen, and added a separate non-vegetarian menu while retaining the old vegetarian menu also. The new menu has about two dozen entrees on it, with dishes ranging from creamy e-fu noodles with lobster to typhoon shelter scallops to kung pao dishes. Apparently they’re still looking for space to spin out the vegetarian operations, after which time we’ll see what 51 Kitchen will actually look like.

Thank you for the update!

Is 51 Kitchen open yet in Culver City? If so, and the non-vegetarian food is good, then it will be as if the food angel granted me my wish - every time I looked at Ooak, I kept thinking “Culver City doesn’t need a restaurant that only serves vegetarian Chinese food - it needs more Chinese seafood!”

Now if I can just get that place that serves duck congee in DTLA for breakfast to open a location in Culver City as well…


Yes 51 Kitchen opened this week. Dim sum is so so. No signage.

Its nothing to do with this thread . Reading Chandavki posts I always enjoy them.Would like to congratulate him and his continuos pioneering reviewing these restaurants. I don’t live in LA ,but I have to stand up and cheer .


Well not DTLA but if you find yourself near Little Saigon there is a duck specialist restaurant named Quan Vit Vit Vit. They have duck congee and other duck offerings.

This place makes me incredibly sad every time I pass by (though not enough to try it myself). They’re clearly trying so hard yet it’s so empty. If they close, Howlin’ Ray’s should totally look into taking over this space,

Now open at the Source in Buena Park if you’re interested.

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The menu for 51 Kitchen:


IMG_6772 IMG_6774 IMG_6773

I haven’t tried it yet.

Lucky you.

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Now this one is converted to 51 Kitchen as well with vegetarian dim sum option.