Opening Day at Petco Park

Got my opening day tickets yesterday for Monday, April 4th at 4pm and I’ll hit my usual places but where should this chica hit up before hand…you know I love to eat and :cocktail:

Don Chidos has some very tasty mushroom veggie tacos but is otherwise just OK. Taka is a pretty good sushi place, but unfortunately priced like downtown sushi. JSix is nearby and can be very good depending on who’s cooking. Water Grill is a solid choice for seafood and drinks (wild Santa Barbara Spot Prawns are awesome but spendy) . But Cafe Chloe is only 3 blocks away!

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Hit up The Nolen for some post-game R&R.

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I’m heading down your way this summer for a game . GIANTS FAN !!

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Can’t they just move like the Chargers ?

Like the Chargers, no one wants them.

Just close the franchise

In all seriousness, and not to further hijack this thread, but if it wasn’t for the Padres and the construction of Petco, the East Village and the Gaslamp would still be a rundown area littered with the homeless and vagabonds.

Not that the area is completely free of them now (see behind Public Library), but the East Village is certainly a much more cleaner (dare I say, gentrified) area now than it was 10 years ago.

Maybe one doesn’t like the restaurants in the EV or the Gaslamp, but it is an improvement over what we had even 5 years ago.

And lets not forget the new Public Library. I don’t think that would’ve happened but for the build out in that area.

hey I know it isn’t on the ChowhoundFTCentral radar because it is more than a week old and not “ethnic” but I still have great dinners at Cowboy Star, so I am thankful for that sort-of gentrification!

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The area could have benn improved or gentrified (or however you want to name it) without Petco Park but with a well thoughtout plan.
And yes, I agree that there are a number interesting restaurants but they are hard to visit since parking becomes impossible when the Padres are playing (which is way too often)


And I’d still have my 5k sqft studio there.

We were not all homeless and vagabonds in the East Village until our homeless bonds were broken by the magnanimous Padres.

Who brought with them the packs of roving vomiting and urinating drunks with large numbers on their shirts, dropping trash in their wake. People who represented threats to my employees and vendors far greater than the “homeless and vagabonds” living there before.

Yes, the East Village would have easily gentrified without the ballpark- San Diego needs housing, and the paucity of open space demands an increase in high density infill. Sooner or later it would have happened.

I guess you haven’t been to very many Padres games in the past few years. LOL

There might be parking places but I am not willing to pay $20-25 for parking to go to Cafe Chloe

Me too. Really enjoy Cowboy Star. Besides getting a good meal, their butcher services is hard to beat.

I wonder how the newly opened Sepulveda Meats down Broadway a bit will affect them. Good to have choices nonetheless.

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Try Heart and Trotter

Mushroom veggie tacos…:tongue:
Water Grill is a good call with the big street beer feast going on for opening day.

Good call Ipse!
Might stay the night?..use up those M points!

We love flying up to SF and catching a Giants/SD weekend game.
St. Frances hotel, Lefty’s, Tadich and those garlic fries at AT&T…love partying with the Giant fans and Bochy is my hood in SD!

Chargers are going Downtown Herr Honk. .:football:
They will make it a mix use so that the Convention Center can parlay that space in off season, along with other sporting events and concerts.

You can start swearing in Deutsche now!

We will see where they go - still hoping for LA