Orsa & Winston DineLA dinner menu?

Anyone been to Orsa & Winston for DineLA yet? The menu for dinner reads simply I. Crudo II. Protein III. Dessert. I’m thinking about bringing my family and would love a smidge more info. If it were just me, I’d trust in the Centeno folks.

I was treated to a 6-course tasting there by friends for my birthday a couple of years back. Afterward, we went next door to Bar Ama because we were still hungry.

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That’s what I’m afraid of. I’ve been to Orsa & Winston for lunch. It’s very good, but not sure whether it was a mistake that their lunch deal is $25 (for a sandwich, dessert, and a drink) and their dinner deal is $29.

I’m going tomorrow night and will let you know. My first question for the server will be how much food we are getting in the DineLA deal, since I think it would be bad to invite customers for a $29 menu, only to have them spend multiples of that to feel full. The 6 course was enough food for me during my visit in Jan. 2017.

EDIT: I found a person on Instagram that got an amuse, crudo, pasta, and dessert through DineLA, then added beef tartare as a supplement. I’ll definitely be ordering one or two supplements then.

looking at the amuse bouche sized portions @DTLAeater posted and on yelp, it looks like dinela is a ploy to get you in the door so you can order some supplements, all of which (except the crudo) are more than the dinela menu itself. expect to pay at least twice the advertised $29, lest you leave hungry.

that being said, i think the satsuku rice risotto is fucking worth it.

from yelp:

Well, that’s disappointing. I have reservations for 4 tonight at 6:45. Anyone want them since it does not appear that my family will be satisfied with this menu?

shit was divine

The risotto was indeed great, but the agnolotti was AMAZING. We only needed one supplement to fill up but more Yolo style diners should order two. Not a huge fan of Dine LA normally but this was just super tasty. (Milk bread not pictured)

Chawanmushi with beets and some kind of mustard-like seed. Pretty nice, but would have loved wasabi on this, though I’m sure it may have overwhelmed the subtle seed and beet flavor.

Kanpachi crudo. The oil dressing was bright and tasty.

Satsuki rice risotto. Just yum.

Milk bread If you have been to O&W before, then you’ve had this before. Really enjoyable.
(not pictured)

Squash agnolotti. Sweet butternut squash, butter, and some cheese, how can you go wrong? My favorite dish of the night.

clafoutis. Baked goodness, rich yet nicely browned. Yum.

chocolate covered almonds Nice snack to conclude the meal.

Overall a really nice meal, super tasty. The above was $90 before tax, tip, or beverages. They do have a wine pairing available for $18 which includes 3 wines . . . supposedly you get one full glass of wine in total, but the pours seemed generous. Skipped the pairing and instead brought a bottle of champagne at $35 corkage.