Osteria Morini Lately

Hello all:

Has anyone been to Osteria Morini recently? I am looking for an easy Italian place for some small plates and pastas at potentially afternoon off-hours (3p-5p). OM seems to fit the bill but it also comes across a bit dated and past prime. I have been to Via Carota and enjoyed so may go back there if the consensus is that Morini is no longer worth going to.


I have no opinion on Morini being dated. Should others feel it is. Here are some options to consider for those off hours: Morandi; Maialino.

Thank you for your feedback and recommendations. I am considering both of those as alternatives. If Osteria Morini is still delivering then I may just be inclined to go there but I just have not seen many recent reviews. I am also considering Marta for their half off pizza happy hour. Cheers.

Love, love Marta. One of the best pizzas I have ever had. I like the plain Margherita with anchovies. Salads are good too. Salad, Margherita and a glass of champagne, and Iā€™m good.

I have not been to Osteria Morini.

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Great! I am looking forward to Marta for dinner in a couple days. Thanks for responding re: Le Coq Rico. I scratched that from the list because it definitely seems like the warning signs are there that the place has fallen off. I had a late lunch at Osteria Morini today. Great salumi to start and the tagliatelle bolognese with a side of truffle ricotta ravioli was excellent. Place was very quiet around 3p but I am assuming it was just an odd hour.

yeah :laughing: :laughing:

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