Osteria Mozza - Hancock Park

I’m right there with you @Starchtrade.

I can’t imagine anyone in this thread letting bread go to waste!

But I composted A LOT of food during my time in restaurants.

There’s a ton of people who like going out/knowing where to eat that have no respect for how to eat.


Yeah… for those dishes I guess I just have to factor in ‘Proper Bread Ratio Pentalty’ into my @Nemroz Menu Price++++ formula.

To focus on solution rather than just complaining about the problem: how about these restaurants offer free additional bread up to a reasonable amount for the dish (i.e. cap at 3x bread portion, additional beyond that is available for additional charge)?


or they can just keep doing whatever the fuck they’re doing and make that money because we’ll go and pay up anyway.



The new price of the dish would account for the possibility that every party will ask for extra bread.

Whoever’s doing the numbers, all they see is the cost of labor and ingredients associated with “free”

I agree the one thing I’ve just never had great success with at Osteria Mozza is the dessert. Of course, in some ways it’s very authentic, as I can’t tell you how many restaurants I’ve been to in Italy that had shit desserts. But I honestly wish they would just use Pizzeria Mozza’s desserts.

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I gave up ordering desserts at OM.

i quite like their espresso semifreddo

I’m walking in with my own portable oven a la our friend with the rice cooker at 106


The Last Supper

(new) burrata & peas, speck, parmigiano reggiano, mint
Similar to how the burrata and peach dish is summer on a plate this is spring on a plate. Nancy can do no wrong with burrata or mozzarella. Outstanding @Bookwich

gnocco fritto, prosciutto di parma
The gnocco fritto had a wonderful flaky and crispy crust that paired perfectly with the prosciutto

nancy’s caesar, egg, leek, anchovy crostini
Favorite salad on the menu

(new) cencioni with dungeness crab claws, english peas & saffron
Huge chunks of fresh claw meat paired with more sweet peas and a lemony creamy sauce. Delicious. @Chowseeker1999

linguine aglio e olio with carabineros prawn
Got a side of linguine with my prawn. Favorite pasta, must order if on the menu @TheCookie, @ebethsdad, @Chowseeker1999, @J_L, @foodshutterbug, @butteredwaffles, @NYCtoLA

pistachio & kumquat semifreddo, pistachio brittle & chocolate sauce
Favorite dessert on the menu


Tagging Teasing us with carabinero when we all know they won’t be open again for God knows how long.

Oh wait… Hey, do they offer that prawn deliciousness “to go”?!


Hi yeah I’m here to pick up the prawn deliciousness. Yes a quadruple order, thank you.


in what wold does any fishy seabug look or taste better than that semifreddo hnnnngggg


hello my avatar

cencioni with dungeness crab claws, english peas, saffron

:drooling_face: :sweat_drops:

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Plenty of Aussie King Prawns available though. Might be offering free delivery through a distribution partner if you want some or any other things as well.

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Not fair to show Osteria Mozza. I’m not Italian, but there is no restaurant that tastes more instinctively delicious to my tastes than Osteria Mozza. Either that or Sushi Ginza Onodera. Sigh.

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mozzaplex closed

If you have Twitter someone named sal labarbera was live tweeting from mozza and trying to fight off the looters

Early Sunday morning, the windows of Pizzeria Mozza were tagged with red spray paint and broken glass blanketed the intersection of Highland and Melrose avenues as protesters gathered in front of chef Nancy Silverton’s group of Italian restaurants; next door, the MelroseMac store had been broken into and looted.

Moments later, a fire broke out; it was not immediately clear if it began in the electronics store nor the extent of the damage to the businesses. Fire trucks quickly arrived and extinguished the flames; Silverton’s partner, Michael Krikorian, was on the scene, pacing in front of Mozza2Go and Chi Spacca with a red bandana covering his face, smoke billowing out of the building behind him.

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