Osteria Mozza - Hancock Park

The overlord wants to review your proof. ;-D

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We’ve resorted to preemptively ordering extra garlic toast with the dish. That brings it to 4 half disks of toast, but last time we asked for even more and ended up with six half disks. (I hesitate to use the word half slice since they’re not even that big. ) I’ve settled on 2-3 filets plus a tablespoonish of burrata


time to bring your zojirushi home bakery viruoso plus! #BYOC


My new ham :blue_heart: … a punchier flavor vs prosciutto



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you wouldn’t have had any problem if you used real analysis instead

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You’re so nice. I’m quick with the “could I please have more bread”? This isn’t enough


Word…me, too. There’s no shame in my game. It wouldn’t be right to overload the toast with too many toppings or too much stuff…the balance would be off. I can’t slap a mountain full of stuff on a small piece of bread.


I also had this ratio problem with breads/pitas/bings at Majordomo & Bavel.
Like, do they actually expect guests to pile all that stuff up on the that amount of bread? That would throw off the balance and result in a less delicious dish and less enjoyable experience.
They have been sure to charge for the extra requested breads at Mozza, Majordomo, and Bavel.

Edit: Just realized that I almost said the exact same thing as @attran99. I totally agree and wanted to reiterate and add more guilty restaurants.


I think you answered your own question.


There are also enough guests comfortable wasting/not utilizing components like bread that it makes more sense to price the dish out with less bread rather than enough/too much and see it go to waste.

That said servers should always be vocal about the option/price of more bread. And aware when a dish like that drops, maybe step in and offer.

This coming from someone who will eat bad bread just because it is in front of me.


In response I would say that I feel like I am being penalized (added cost) for properly enjoying the dish.


I’m right there with you @Starchtrade.

I can’t imagine anyone in this thread letting bread go to waste!

But I composted A LOT of food during my time in restaurants.

There’s a ton of people who like going out/knowing where to eat that have no respect for how to eat.


Yeah… for those dishes I guess I just have to factor in ‘Proper Bread Ratio Pentalty’ into my @Nemroz Menu Price++++ formula.

To focus on solution rather than just complaining about the problem: how about these restaurants offer free additional bread up to a reasonable amount for the dish (i.e. cap at 3x bread portion, additional beyond that is available for additional charge)?


or they can just keep doing whatever the fuck they’re doing and make that money because we’ll go and pay up anyway.



The new price of the dish would account for the possibility that every party will ask for extra bread.

Whoever’s doing the numbers, all they see is the cost of labor and ingredients associated with “free”

I agree the one thing I’ve just never had great success with at Osteria Mozza is the dessert. Of course, in some ways it’s very authentic, as I can’t tell you how many restaurants I’ve been to in Italy that had shit desserts. But I honestly wish they would just use Pizzeria Mozza’s desserts.

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I gave up ordering desserts at OM.

i quite like their espresso semifreddo

I’m walking in with my own portable oven a la our friend with the rice cooker at 106