Otium - The Emperor's New Clothes

Well, PeonyWarrior would!

A meat vegan ?


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Ooh, BURN.

It’s actually only a nine-point scale, with 9 being apparently “the best restaurant I’ve ever been to” and 10 reserved for someplace better than that. Five seems to mean something like “very good, will go back” with six through eight slightly being incrementally higher ratings along the same lines.

Makes a lot more sense if you just assume it’s roughly a 5 point scale and everything over 5 is just varying better levels of “you’ll have a good meal here”. IMO looking at the numeric rating from anyone is just a fool’s errand, everyone has different anchors for an “average rating” and different standards or intent. Looking at relative ranking within one person’s ratings is probably the most meaningful info you can derive. Even there it’s … just, like, their opinion, man. :smiley:


Yeah, I’m just curious what number qualifies for “never going back” in PW’s system. I’m betting that’s just the 1s. Also missing a rating for Rutt’s Hawaiian. :wink:

It’s just my way of expressing my opinions of restaurants.

I eat at places in the 1-3 range pretty much every day.

I would say there is something I find enjoyable at the 1 range restaurants.

I would say I look forward to eating at the 4 range restaurants.

7 is my equivalent to one Michelin star.

I didn’t feel a need or have an ability to differentiate between restaurants under 1: e.g.; how does Applebee’s compare to Chili’s? I really don’t know. I rarely eat awful food. If I hadn’t eaten all day and I was stuck in an airport I still wouldn’t eat at those kinds of places.

Chilli’s is delicious :slight_smile: Those ribs are my favorite.

I want my baby back baby back!

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