Ototo - Echo Park | Opening 5/22/2019


Courtney runs arguably the best sake service in LA at Tsubaki.
Very curious to see what Ototo will grow into.

This is a must-visit for anyone interested in sake/shochu.
Check out this menu!

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And Scribd even includes a picture of the famed ototo toilet.


Must… Resist… Toilet humor…

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Nice! Let’s all do a meetup sometime when I can visit SoCal again :grin:

The sake from the menu that catches this sake geek’s eye is Sempuku 千福 from Hiroshima prefecture. Imported via the unpopular Wine Of Japan label, it is certainly not for the faint of heart: 85% polish ratio and featuring a heirloom sake rice Shinriki. On top of that it is a Muroka Genshu Kimoto (written in kanji on the bottle, Kimoto is not even mentioned in a English on the back label!) with about 19% alcohol and very high acidity. However it is a touch tempered by the softwater feel and interestingly some minerality that is signature to some of the greats in Hiroshima sake. Throw in some good bitterness, astringency, a slight yogurt or savory yakult like feel somewhere for the package! This is the only exported sake where you can feel the power of Shinriki sake rice that’s more accessible and versatile. (As much as I love Tatsuriki Jingu Shinriki Junmai Daiginjo aged ten years before release, it’s not an everyday option :sweat_smile:)

If you are a serious red wine drinker this one is so full bodied and so well structured, and easier to understand. Perfect izakaya sake and with deep fried stuff. This sake and brewery is the closest thing to Taketsuru, which is a very cult sake brewery in Hiroshima prefecture (with family ties to Taketsuru whiskey) but sadly nothing from Taketsuru sake is exported.

Built also to be served warmed although the warmest I’ve tried is closer to room temperature.

I hope Ototo do oden well. There are two perfect classic sake for oden: Kikuhime Yamahai Junmai, and Kenbishi Kuromatsu, and these are even better warmed. If not Denshu will always work.

Funny I didn’t think of toilet… mamamama, ototo toto…


Love Oden. Hard to find around here.

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