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With omicron seeming particularly spreadable, any one have some food suggestions for outdoor dining fun lively good atmosphere and nice space? It would be for this coming Friday so needs to be a place where a reservation is actually gettable. TIA!

holbox, AOC, cassia (they still have an actual outdoor parklette in addition to their existing patio which is sort of covered), gjusta


Just a housekeeping note (for the mod)… I’m seeing so many “outdoor” topics on the L.A. board, some for specific restaurants, other for specific geographic locations within the greater LA area.

Having said that, I think this thread (simply titled “Outdoor dining”) is good. Will ask the mod. to see what he thinks of putting all primarily “outdoor dining” queries and comments under this one topic for easy searchability, as many board contributors and lurkers are looking for outdoor options at this point - It’d be good to have one central thread to tie it all in. (Will flag myself so the mod can see…)


On the westside, Birdie G’s and Hatchet Hall both have nice outdoor setups that are spaced out. Felix has got a back patio, but you said gettable reservation :frowning:

Rossoblu downtown and Redbird both have good outdoor spaces.

If you’re willing to take a little more risk IMO one of the safest ways to dine indoors is KBBQ at a place with good overhead ventilation which will hit your lively atmosphere. Went to Moodaepo II (which is not high end by any stretch) last month before Omicron started ramping up and it was cold inside because they were pulling in so much air into the vents and drawing outside air in replace it.




Thanks for the recs I have rezzies at both majordomo and Rossoblu for the following week. But I was able to book cento for Friday in the late evening, will report back!


I think the various topics mostly make sense because people are looking for different things.


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Etta, Tar and Roses, Cassia

I’ll start posting pics of outdoor dining situations in this thread so that people can see different options.


Don’t forgot…

There’s a lot of outdoor dining threads… like a lot of threads for the same restaurant. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Have fun! Dress warmly! Report back! :hugs:

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It might be best to create topics on outdoor dining by LA regions, SFV, SGV, South Bay, DTLA, etc… That way people can find places in a particular area more easily.

People have already created such threads as they were looking for recommendations in particular areas.


Hi there! I’m bumping an established topic as I am interested in great, intentional outdoor dining especially for casual (lower priced) eateries.

My favorite entry on in this category would be Johnnie’s in West Adams. Their patio is huge, deep, and has delightful fans for air circulation which I need on hot days.

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Flapjax (patio out back)

Colapasta (patio out front)

Sweetgreen in the Century City mall

Tuscan Son (it’s in the street, but it’s on little Santa Monica, and they’ve set up trellises and plants (trellisi?) that give the area a pleasant-enough feel (IMO)

Don Antonio (yes, it’s the former parking lot, but they’ve really done quite a nice job w/ spacing and plants, and I was really impressed)

El Cholo (Santa Monica); the patio out front can get quite crowded, but there were very few people in the back patio when we went once relatively recently (a few wks-mos ago)

Ali’i Fish Company: the front patio is quite big, but furniture and such is… aged (which is totally in keeping w/ the very casual feeling of the place).

Ashland Hill on Main St. in Santa Monica has a very nice back patio, but the tables are very close, and it’s not particularly “open”

One that I would avoid is Rasselbock in Mar Vista (at least the back patio). That patio can get very crowded and feels very enclosed to me (they also have tables out front, but I don’t think that would qualify for “great” or “intentional,” although I would be fine sitting there).