Owner of popular Moonshadows restaurant in Malibu, and son, killed in fiery

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Saw this on the local news. Horrific! That specific area seems to have a lot of head on collisions. Slow down people!!!


It’s so sad, tragic and makes you really f-ing angry.

This is the second article I’ve read about it and both say they “opened Moonshadows in 2001”, but there was a Moonshadows in the 80’s in the same spot, I think. I can’t find anything on that as all posts are understandably about the accident. But I believe it was opened many decades ago and was named after the original owner’s big cat, who used to roam the property and restaurant.

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Sadly, you apparently do not need in a high-speed (or head-on) collision for a first-gen Mustang to burst into flames:

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Or, in this case, rear-ended by a DUI driver. Don’t drink and drive!