Oxtail and greens on stovetop

I always make greens and oxtail in pressure cooker, but thought I’d try slow cooking on stove top.

Browning oxtails in staub.

Four bunches of greens! I love greens!! Also added carrots. I added one habanero and around four dried chiles, chipotle, in this case.

Oxtail on greens, ready for the long, slow cook.

two hours, fifteen minutes later

This was fantastic.


Drool. Do I see collards there? I’m a Southern Gal.

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Yes! I love all greens, including collard greens!

Looks good but I am surprised by braising it only for 2.25 h - in our experience oxtail gets better with about 4-5 hours of braising.

I thought we could go another 30 minutes, but it was delicious as cooked. And delicious as leftovers. I did take around 45 - 60 minutes to brown the meat, so that might have made a difference.

Do you add greens when you braise that long? I used recipes that I found online and oddly, most said less than two hours!

We tend to add the greens for the last two hours


cool! thanks! that was my instinct, bc i was scared they might melt into nothing. will try again that way.