Oysters. Anyone got a favorite?

Mess Hall on Los Feliz has $1 oysters on tuedays, and it’s time to get my sea-snot on.

Anyone ever been? Or should I just bite the bullet and spring for the $36/doz at The Oyster Gourmet at Grand Central Market or L&E?

This is more just about the oysters, and less about a night out/ambience, etc…

Tipple and Brine has oyster Mondays for $1/apiece. http://tippleandbrine.com/ Good quality, and the rest of their menu is excellent.
If it is just about oysters Whole Foods has $1 oysters on Fridays. They occasionally have Kumamotos, my favorite.
If you want to go all out head up to Marshall and Hog Island Oysters, https://hogislandoysters.com/. Its been a few years since I have been there, but it used to be, and I hope it still is, that you would place your order and they would go out into the water and pull them out then and there. Granted the overall expense will be more than you would spend at The Oyster Gourmet, but I’m not sure your sea-snot craving will never be so satiated as eating fresh out-of-the-bay oysters with cheese and bread from Marin French Cheese, with whatever incredible local wine you pick up. The scenery is gorgeous as well, and thank God this isn’t Chowhounds where my comment would be banished as referring to a source outside of LA.

In L.A., Connie & Ted’s or Cassia.

Outside L.A., Hog Island (Ferry Building or Tomales Bay/Marshall).

In Canada, Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver.

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Connie & Ted’s really has the best selection. On weekends, I’ve seen as many as 15-20 types available on the board. They also carry my favorites (Island Creeks) on occasion.
The happy hour at Portsmouth in Whittier is excellent. I’ve seen Kusshi and Kumamotos available for $1.50 each. Tuesdays are all night happy hour so you can get a lot if you so choose. Sit at the bar and ask for Ruben to help you out. It’s my go-to when I have a craving.
Down in the OC, Shuck probably gets the best selection rivaling Connie & Ted’s…and on some nights, I see 30 varieties available in house. They also have been known to carry Island Creeks. All night happy hour occurs on Tueadays and Wednesdays, where the specials are $2 each.

Shuck is a regular for us. Great selection and great staff. Last time we were in, they actually suggested that we bring our own wine and told us they don’t charge a corkage fee.

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I find the oysters at Fishing with Dynamite to be the best. I really love the Petit Sweets, not always available

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Water Grill in DTLA has a good selection, excellent quality and wonderful presentation.

Belons at Connie and Ted’s. Pristine.

Fishing With Dynamite, Cassia (photo) and Connie & Ted’s….




Love that Uni

Shuck’s LA pop-up oyster bar; I get them at Altadena and South Pas Farmers’ Markets. Always very fresh, excellent quality, if not inexpensive. Great smoked fish, too. And Ali is a really nice guy.


I think these were the same guys at the Atwater Farmer’s Market, which, coincidentally, is the last time I got them.

About $2 ea. if I recall, and they were quite tasty.




Where is that? How much was it? Did you eat the whole thing? Will you take me next time?

FWD = fishing with dynamite

How about Rockefeller home made .


Yes, they’re at AV as well.

What do you think of my Rockefeller,

Fishing with dynamite. Ate the whole thing. I’m a shellfish person.

The Jolly Oyster. The only oyster farmers in the area. They have two locations around Los Angeles.

Ventura - They have a shuck shack located right on the beach where you can shuck your own oysters or have them shuck them for you. You can also buy items like scallop ceviche, oyster tacos, baked clams etc.

If you are adventurous, you can grill your own oysters, clams on the grills provided by the state park right on site.

Torrance - They opened a very small market where you can purchase clams, oysters and pacific crab claws to go. The oysters are farmed at their two farms in Baja. Oysters are only $1.25 each or if you buy 40, they are only a $1.