Oysters - unshucked, in bulk

Looking for a place to buy oysters in bulk that won’t break the bank for Saturday 5/28. We’ll be doing the shucking ourselves.

Thought of purchasing from the Jolly Oyster’s retail location in Torrance but would prefer something north/east - we’ll be consuming them in Highland Park.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

Fish King will set you back ~$1.50 each.

You can get them at many of the large Asian markets, such as 99 Ranch, 168, etc.

Any idea where 99 Ranch and similar places source their oysters from?

if you’re asking this question, you shouldn’t buy them from 99 Ranch.


Exactly my point.

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Cimarusti opened up a seafood purveyor…I’ll bet it’s going to cost you more than Fish King though. They may/may not be doing a buy 10/get 12 promotion.


Oregon. Farm raised. At least that’s what the sign said last week at the Van Nuys location.

I think you should go to that seafood market downtown that sells to restaurants but open to public. I think you have to go there at like 4 am. I don’t know what it’s called.

if you were referring to International Marine Products, they no longer sell to the public.

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Whole Foods has dollar oysters on Fridays, and I believe they discount cases something like 10% - not sure if oysters qualify for this. If you talk to your local WF’s manager ahead of time perhaps they would cut you a deal.
Good luck!

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@ebethsdad - Good tip! Probably don’t have to worry about sourcing there. @Bob_Brooks Although farm-raised from Oregon doesn’t sound bad.

Bouchon/FL sources from this place, only makes sense if you plan to order 100ct. http://shop.islandcreekoysters.com/collections/seafood-1

Alternatively give LA fish company a call, they can source a few varieties, Usually 3-4 varieties available daily, stuff goes quickly early am… http://www.yelp.com/biz/los-angeles-fish-company-los-angeles

I have seen Carlsbad oysters at Whole Foods - and once they had Kumamotos. I love Kumamotos. Too bad Hog Island only mail orders during holidays.

The Island Creeks are my absolute favorite oyster…the right combination of meaty, briny, and creamy all at the same time. I’ve seen them on the menu at Connie & Ted’s, too.

Seafood Paradise Market
8955 East Garvey Ave.
(626) 288-2088




Whole foods dollar oysters. They’ll do them shucked or not as ordered.

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I went to the Jolly Oysters website and they look real good. I doubt you will find better selection and pricing as compared to them. Quality Seafood in King Harbor is where I usually go to but I am sure Jolly Oysters is much better. 99 Ranch and other Asian Markets, I would not buy oysters from them.

Los Angeles fish company in downtown LA cells to the public at wholesale prices. High-end places like McCall’s meat and fish get some of their seafood there along with sushi restaurants.

If you can get a membership to restaurant depot there are certain locations that sell fresh seafood including oysters at great prices usually less than a dollar apiece. They are source from reputable farms such as Taylor shellfish in Washington.

I would also vouch for Jolly oyster. The cheapest you’ll get with them is a dollar apiece, but the quality is excellent.

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$1/each is a great price. I just wish they were closer. :disappointed: