P&N Food Service

Has anyone ordered from P&N Food Service in the Los Angeles area? What was your experience? Thanks

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Yeah, check out the feedback on the replies on my post @WireMonkey so helpfully placed.

I just got an order last week too. They currently have sales on some wagyu. I grabbed that, some baramundi and mahi-mahi fillets, also a pound of their poke cubes.

The ordering and delivery service is great. it’s so easy and updated communication the whole way on order confirmation, delivery date, etc. Delivery is all contactless. I get a text when they arrive, I meet them outside and have them set the box down, they walk away, I grab it.

Everything is frozen well, individually packed as you can see in the photos in the other post. Easy to place everything in your freezer and just pull it out as needed.

I’ve also ordered their pork belly, comes with skin for all the tasty crackling! Pork and Beef rib tips, various sausages, racks of ribs and some shellfish.

I think the prices are good for the quality and convenience, the $50 min for free westside delivery is amazing IMO.

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Thanks so much. So you must be happy with the quality. I’m looking at the prime rib roast for Christmas dinner, but I’ve never ordered from them before. Yes, I did read through the comments here @WireMonkey. Thanks again.


Yeah, I’ve been happy with the quality. I’ve never gotten a beef roast though and only the waguy steaks once, haven’t gotten any of the regular steaks. The only beef products have been the rib tips, rack of ribs and sausages so take that fwiw.

I’ve gotten the pork roast and the pork chops which were good.

Anyone familiar with Feed Me Trading? Did a K&L run today and noticed the signage across the street on Vine. Inventory/pricing very similar to P&N.

Must be the same company as P&N. They have the same Gardena address along with the Vine St. address. Scroll to bottom of Feed Me page and you’ll see both addresses.

Not necessarily that building houses several similar food businesses. This came up in the discussion on the other thread when other people noticed Jeff Bovon was also located there.

Feed Me has a different platform than P&N, I’m almost sure they’re a different business.

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You’re probably right. I’m new here, just ordered from P&N in December.

Thanks for your post and participating!

Ordered some sashimi from Feed Me Trading. As soon as I placed the order, I got an order confirmation email saying it’s being prepped for delivery. With no other communication, the items arrived the next evening. Would have appreciated some more communication in terms of when to expect the delivery. What if I wasn’t home? Not like they can just leave it on my doorstep given it’s perishable nature.

The toro was really nice and at $20/lb, a heck of a bargain.

The hamachi was the pre packaged frozen ones you find at asian markets, but at $28, the price was good. I believe it was just over 1.5 lbs.

The sashimi selection wasn’t too large, but I would def order from them again. Free delivery in the LA area or pick up in Hollywood makes it really easy.

Also got some bone in kurobuta pork chops which look good and excited to try.



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You carry these items? You know I’m always happy to support you.

Weird, I added the toro and hamachi to my cart and hit checkout to see what the shipping cost is and it tells me “We don’t offer shipping to United States.” :man_shrugging:

Where do you live? Maybe too far for them to deliver?

Pasadena, so maybe it is too far. But I’m definitely within the US :upside_down_face:

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Interesting, these same items are available at P&N and about the same price. I wonder how the quality compares and if they’re the same supplier.

Living within P&N’s free delivery zone with only a $50 min order, I haven’t been motivated to try the other businesses in that building. I also like P&N’s platform and communication.