Pacific Dining Car Closing?

Not really as long as its a 110/120V you are good to go, it might not be a CoBatCo but it should do the job.

Do be aware you are bidding on 3 of them as part of a lot so your bid is X3.

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Thanks @JLee. No I didn’t realize it was being sold in lot of 3 and no I didn’t know I needed 110. That’s why home cooks should stay in their lane. Haha.


110/120V is your standard house current. If they run on 220V, you might have an issue. Also, I’m sure there are other FTCers that would pitch in for the other two units if you end up with the lot.

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I was thinking 220 when I wrote 110. I have a 220 for my electric car got confused.

I’m all frazzled. I’m going to stick with my crappy Oester waffle make that burns the front half of the waffle and undercooks the back half of the waffle. New waffle maker on the list for Black Friday and Xmas.



Ahh the elusive Pittsburgh black and blue steak treatment for a waffle.


They have a triple ring wok? What was that used for?

They clunk people who attempt the dine-and-dash at 4AM over the head with it… #amongthetop7weapons #WokHaymaker


looks like it was used as a stock burner

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