Panigacci at Eatalia is the top piece of bread in LA

Apparently it’s the only oven that can do this in Northern America and I lost my mind. Textures unique and shockingly elastic, flavor, aroma and the perfect vehicle for charcutes Wow



Faded on negronis

Google search doesn’t find a restaurant of that spelling in LA…?


Interesting. On my list to try. But I was disappointed with the bread at Eataly, in general.

Yes. Can’t a drunk boy have fun with words :slight_smile:


Other bread was whatevers. A whole grain sourdough

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When eataly first opened the panigacci was off (manly the way it was served, not the ingrdients) but promising, as I detailed in the link below. Never went back for it. Now will retry.



Oh wow, nice. So yea I can only imagine how good it is at the source. The embarrassing charc board didn’t even have mortadella on it. Had boiled ham and pepperoni. But the bread was a revelation, even at half strength. I couldn’t get over the texture

I’m eating right now for lunch the bread that they give you at the salad place and I actually like it, although maybe most bread tastes good with salad. Plus I got a tip from the person ahead of me in the salad line. Get the chopped salad, but have them substitute tuna for the salami. I’m liking the salad, although I’m not sure why they call it a chopped salad because it isn’t chopped, except for the cheese cubes (and I guess if I had ordered it with salami the salami would have been chopped as well).

You were sent for the panigacci

Ha, ha, ha. I have been wanting to try the panigacci, especially after your rave review, but I don’t eat cured meat (and rarely eat meat of any kind ) and that leaves my only panigacci option as the cheese ones and somehow cheese and bread never sounds like an appealing workday lunch option to me, as opposed to a weekend snack. So I guess I will have to go on some weekend for cheese panigacci, preferably with someone else, because I shudder to think of the calories in 4 panigacci with 5 cheeses (and I know if I am by myself and order 4 panigacci and 5 cheeses, which is how it comes, the odds are pretty good that I will ingest 4 panigacci and 5 cheeses).

Tried it last night. Totally lives up to the hype.



Their meats on the board are very lacking but the bread!!!