Paradise biryani pointe

8995 Mira mesa blvd

Newish Indian (Hyderabad) restaurant that I recently tried. Went on Friday at lunchtime and it was about 75% full with mostly Indian clientele. I sat down and nobody made eye contact with me for 5-10 minutes (service was basically awful) so got up and ordered to go. Got the goat dum biryani for 13.99. I’m definitely not an authority on anything much less authentic biryani but was by far the best I’ve had in SD. Oily, spicy slightly gamey goat but in a delicious not off putting way. Delicious.

Disclaimers: I’ve only been once, I thought 13.99 was fair but sure some will think it overpriced, Mira mesa isn’t real convenient for most people.

However, I recommend this place highly. Hopefully they don’t dumb it down for the gringos for a long while, as seems to so often happen to the Indian places I go to.

I believe they also have one or a few restaurants in LA, including Artesia, which has a large Indian population.

Lastly, curry and more opened a new location in ranch Bernardo that I’ve been to several times and also think is pretty good.

Happy eating!

I think this is a chain with a bunch of locations in/around SoCal (i.e., Artesia, Canoga Park) and a few locations up in NoCal.

I didn’t realize they had expanded to SD.

Knew about the 2 others in LA but not the northern cal ones. Interesting, do you Indian restaurants you’d recommend in SD?

I like Sundara, in part b/c it’s conveniently located and in part probably b/c I’m not an Indian food expert, or savant.

Aw shucks, who am I kidding. I like Sundara b/c of their housemade ice cream. Chli chocolate, FTW!

Chili chocolate sounds interesting, thanks!