[Paris] Plateau de fruits de mer. Where to go?

Short of a trek to Brittany, where are the best places for a proper “Plateau de fruits de mer” around the 1st to 6th Arrondissements?

Look into
L’Écailler du Bistrot
This one is in the 11th but not that far
Right next door to bistro Paul Bert
We had a wonderful fruits de mer there in 2013 most brought from Brittany

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Good excuse to go to Le Dôme.

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Langousta, in the16ème. Casual.

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This wouldn’t fit the bill for the full plateau de fruits de mer, but if you find yourself just wanting a plate of oysters and wine, I had a great time at Huitrerie Regis in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. (They also were offering some spring when I was there.)

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@beam I have Bert on my list will definitely check out Escalier too.

@robert had a wonderful plateau at Le Dome my last trip. Hoping to try some other places, however won’t be surprised if I end up at Le Dome for a meal too.

@President_Mochi yes have Regis on my list for a hardcore oyster study😉. Utah Beach appears to be a trendy new farming area.

@J_L thanks for Langousta rec.

Anyone tried Ducasse’s Rech?

I’m just not as geeked to go to Alain Ducasse’s places these days. Guy Savoy, on the other hand…

If you have the Euros to spend, Le Cinq is still a fantastic meal.

Le Grand Hotel. Our meals in the dining room were very nice. In-room dining was memorable. :wink:

No mussels on the half shell though, which we’ve only had in Nice. Never in the States.


we really loved


try their lamb while you’re at it.

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Popped by L’Écailler du Bistrot, thanks for the rec @beam! The seaweed butter for the bread was quite delightful


Hope you’ve been to Polidor and Robert et Louise

Its been awhile but one of my faves in the 6th is L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon at the counter for lunch.
Great deal for a Michelin rated restaurant.

Also, Le Florimond in the 7th for dinner…
Still can taste the cantolope lobster in a sublime beurre blanc…reasonable and fantastic…

Failed on this front, showed up at 9:30pm got turned away, place was still full and they were closing at 10. Ended up at Le Dome instead for a supper of belons, oursin and scallops (w roe!).

Side note, I’ve concluded European urchin is not very good… better to stick with Cali or Japanese urchin.

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