Parnsip [Highland Park]

People need to go to Parnsip.

With the weather recently on the cooler side, nothing really is better than a bowl of chicken paprikash and beef goulash, both washed down heartily with Gombuti dumplings (the size of tennis balls, by the way)

The chicken paprikash is viscously creamy and redolent of paprika (no, duh) and sweet tomatoes. It’s mildly earthy and topped with a nice dollop of crunchy slaw. Whereas the paprikash was mildly sweet, the goulash was unabashedly savory, with ridiculously tender stewed beef cradled in what tasted like a hearty vegetable broth hand-churned by Gaea herself.

End the meal with the walnut bread, and then just go home and hibernate.

It’s a small place, and it can get crowded, but the times that I’ve been, the wait has never been more than 15-20 minutes.

5623 York Blvd
Highland Park