Party of 45 suggestions?

Non-Chinese and budget is around $70-80 a person, can be in any party of town.

Korean bbq. Done.


Fogo De Chao Beverly Hills. A meat lovers Disneyland. No one will go hungry. Very nice private room…


Went to a birthday celebration at Westside Tavern a few weeks ago and actually really enjoyed it. Nice private room with a private bar, and they had some basica but tasty hors d’oeuvres (sliders, tuna on wontons, salad, pad thai). I imagine you could go bigger if you desired.


Desano Pizza

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Thanks for the suggestions, will look into them

North Italia in Santa Monica. The Stocking Frame in dtla.

Could do DeSano… or roll up on a brewery like Mumford and bring your own food. They’d love that.

not sure if you’re looking for upscale or casual, but here’s my suggestions:
Fogo De Chao
Saddle Peak Lodge
Lawry’s (fun in a kitschy kind of way)

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A Persian restaurant? I like Javan in West LA. The restaurant is split into 2 areas, so maybe you could buy out one section.

For something a little different, please consider Rinjani in Glendale.

Yes, you’ve probably had Indonesian food before, but if you’ve got a party of 45, you have to try their Rijsttafel, which to me is best described as Indonesian Omakase.

(May have to reserve the room, but worth it)

107 East Broadway (x-street Brand)

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That looks great think I’m gonna try that with s/o. As of right now the two front runners are Fogo and Stinking Rose.

Seriously? Not even a contest there.

Fogo x1000000000

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Agree. I’d pass on Stinking Rose. Tacky place with just passable food.

Duke’s Malibu private room
La Cabana patio
El Cholo private room
Orto Santa Monica upstairs

but the steak!