Pasta sauces

Thanks. Source?


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I’m assuming you know the copyright laws regarding recipes.

Change a tsp and a cup . Won’t stand up in court

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@robert do you not care about this? AFAIK you can give a link to a recipe or you can copy the ingredients and then must paraphrase the instructions. Let us know how we should handle this please. TIA. Plus let’s face it, one shouldn’t pretend to have created someone else’s recipe.


first @Nemroz never claimed that he wrote that recipe or that it is the product of his original work -just that that is the recipe he followed.

second he is not making any financial gain off said recipe.

third why are you such a busybody?


4th - who put you in charge? That’s why I asked robert.

What the frig are you talking about. Stop trolling me.

I made this variation up and I wrote the damned recipe

I wrote this on Reddit and copied it here. It’s a basic braise / ragu, why that would necessitate stealing is beyond me

I told myself many time I won’t be unkind to you because grannies on the internet and all, I’m really trying


You need to check yourself and allow for some processing time between your busybody urges and your posting.
Just read the recipe. There are loads of context clues that indicate this is an original recipe. Also, ingredient lists are not subject to copyright laws. Only when when copies a recipe and the instructions verbatim is it a violation.

I’m happy @Nemroz posted this as he did share some neat little personal tweaks like steeping some herbs de Provence in the stock, and hand tearing the meat, which is what makes the post special.

What precisely are you contributing with in this case. Seriously, ask yourself this question before you post. What positive effect will my post make? If you can’t think of anything positive, perhaps you should rethink posting.


For the record I don’t follow recipes, I don’t have recipe books. I get ideas from restaurants I eat at, from cooking shows I’ve seen, my last life in the kitchen and my relatives. Then I do what I think ill like more


I asked for a source and got a non-answer. Hence my question.

BTW, Nemroz is a “he”??? I’m truly shocked.

Last I’ll say on this.
I’m just going to invite you again to think about why you posted the way you did.
I mean, you got a reply you didn’t understand or weren’t satisfied with. So you accuse a poster of plagiarism and ask the sponsor of the site for intervention?
I mean, that’s seems like you got caught up in some feelings and needed to express that frustration or anger. But only you know.
BTW, this is after you posted some dismissive nastiness about what you perceived as over-saucing.
Really ask yourself why you’re reacting and posting in a way that the community is seeing as negative.


No, I asked robert if he cared.

I asked for a source and got an emoji, not an answer. Seems logical to assume.

And I think YOU need to get over trying to be Father Frommtron.

Who put you in charge to police this site ?


How is THIS policing?

"No, I asked robert if he cared.

I asked for a source and got an emoji, not an answer. Seems logical to assume."

I asked if there was a source and got a non-answer. Who knows if s/he knew about the law. You folks tend to be quite clique’ish, don’t you?

Why do you need to know if there is a source ? It’s not your business

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It’s Sunday, I forgive all.


I like this . And you know if you make it again it will be different. It’s so boring to cook the same . Food is music and music is love. You don’t always have to read charts . Create.

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I sincerely wasn’t being accusatory. The way the recipe was written it seemed like it was a copy/paste. That’s why I asked. And when you didn’t really answer I made a POSSIBLE assumption. Which was probably unkind. Sorry.
PS: I’m a recipe follower because I figure that’s why they “get paid the big bucks.”

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