Peckish Snack Bar

I’ve been wanting to try Peckish Snack Bar since Josh Lurie wrote about it in Eater:

I finally had the chance to do so yesterday for lunch. And let me tell you, folks, this place is the real deal.

I got the dark meat jerk chicken and waffles. The jerk chicken was EXCELLENT. Moist and flavorful meat with beautifully crispy skin. I’ve never been to Jamaica, but my roommate in college was Jamaican and I ate many home-cooked meals prepared by his mummy. I used to venture deep into the outer boroughs of NYC in search of the best Caribbean food.

This may be the best jerk chicken I’ve ever had.

The waffles were great too. Baked to order so they were hot and crispy. Dusted with powdered sugar. And with just a hint of ginger spice that complemented the meat perfectly. I’d happily eat these for breakfast even without the chicken.

I also ordered some patties to go. Two curry chicken and one spinach. The chicken patties were excellent. Flavorful filling with a beautiful flaky crust. However, I was less a fan of the spinach. The crust was harder (it looked to be made with whole wheat) and the filling was too soft, more like creamed spinach than a real callaloo. One correction to the Eater article: the patties, while delicious, are not made in-house.

The place is family-run by three sisters who go out of their way to make sure you have a delicious and positive experience. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Absolutely worth a special trip.


This looks great. Is there an option to do just chicken and sides without the waffle? Never been a waffle guy.

Yup they do it straight a la carte or with a King’s Hawaiian roll. Interesting that the patties aren’t in-house. I got the curried chicken and thought it was the best Jamaican patty 'd ever had - that said, I’m generally not a big fan.

There’s a lot of Jamaican spots down this way but this is the only one I’ve found that actually does their jerk chicken on a grill. Lots of places sell plancha chicken with jerk sauce as “jerk chicken” - but that is in no way a substitute.

I’ve been a couple times and tried to eye up the grill (it’s out front on the street). My best guess is that they are cooking on wood but aren’t going the extra mile of legit legitimacy to cook only on allspice wood.

In fairness I didn’t ask. Didn’t want to break the spell of finally finding serviceable jerk chicken.


It’s funny, there isn’t one on the menu, but that has to be an oversight. Even if there isn’t, these ladies are so friendly, I’m sure they’d accommodate you.

There we go – good to know. Regarding the patties, I always make a point of asking. They said no, not made in-house, but they have a special source.

wanna try even though the fusionness is upsetting me

It’s on the takeout menu but under the “Jerk Chicken and Waffles” section.

They really want to sell you on the waffle.