People need to try Dough Box pizzas (DTLA delivery and pickup only)

I have no idea what authentic Chicago deep dish pizza is, or should be, and I have no pretensions of even discussing the matter intelligently, but I must say the deep dish pies at Dough Box are outstanding.

The crust is chewy and a bit crunchy and has that good hint of butter (and I don’t even like butter), and sturdy enough to hold all of the toppings, from mozzarella, to sauce and to whatever toppings you decide to get.

We’ve tried several thus far, and I think my favorite might be the Broadway from the menu. I think the red onions and the black olives provide a nice balance to the richness of the sauce and cheese. It’s good stuff.

Pizzas come in different sizes. A 6" can easily feed two, or one with a heap of leftovers. Be warned, however, delivery can take upwards of 1.5 hours. You can pick it up too, but it still going to take at least an hour. Greatness does not come from a microwave.

I’m also told they will start making bread in the near future.

Dough Box
(323) 346-6811
*Pickup and delivery only


This was started by one of the original partners at Hollywood Pies and considering how the quality of the existing Hollywood Pies has gone down along with their customer service it seems that Dough box was started by the real brains of Hollywood Pies.

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Hi @Mattapoisett_in_LA,

So Hollywood Pies is no good? I’ve never been yet.

thanks, pictures on yelp look legit. have you tried the liege waffles?

Does not compute


I think it’s still pretty good, but now that @Mattapoisett_in_LA mentions it, the quality has been inconsistent our last few orders. Still… when they’re on, they’re as good as the pies I had recently in Chicago.

The customer service has always been pretty hit or miss ime.

No, I haven’t

Part of the reason being I just cannot imagine Liege waffles traveling very well.

Since the breakup of the partners, I’ve had Hollywood Pies twice. While good and scratched the Chicago Deep Dish itch better than anything else in LA, it was less than it used to be. I now really have to try the new place.

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Will they deliver to bars?

Are these still the cornmeal type crust? Or switched to pastry type crust?

Dunno. Never hurts to ask.

I don’t see why not if the bar is within their delivery area.

Biscuit type.

Is the style the classic deep dish (single, thicker crust) or the stuffed crust style (2 layers of crust with toppings inbetween).

I will say, having now spent a lot of time in Chicago, I find the former, classical version to be very difficult to eat. I’d much rather have Zachary’s or Little Star in the Bay than most of the deep dish I’ve had in Chicago.

The former.

Thanks for the write-up, @ipsedixit! I’ve been meaning to try them for a while, but I’m trying to watch my waistline… And hopefully not watch it expand.

I read that one of their partners is formerly from Proof Bakery. That’s a good pedigree as far as I’m concerned.

If you like Zachary’s up North you will love Rance’s in Costa Mesa. Bit of a drive I presume for you,but less than SF if you have a craving :wink:

Okay, many (most?) things don’t “keep” properly, but will this survive a ride home, if home is ~40-60 min away? I assume it should still be decent, since delivery can take awhile…

Yes v

They use a special box.

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A huge thanks to my favorite smiling blue faced avatar (@ipsedixit) for the recommendation! :slight_smile:

We decided to make the trek and order Dough Box. Nowhere on Dough Box’s website does it say they’re doing authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. In fact all of the pies on their menu are named after famous L.A. streets. :slight_smile: But with @ipsedixit’s recommendation, we were hoping for something good.

The Hill (Mozzarella, Housemade Ricotta Cheese, Garlic, Spinach, Italian Sausage) - 9" Deep Dish Pizza:

First off, this isn’t as insane as a Giordano’s or Pizzeria Uno in Chicago. It’s not as rich and cheesy and massive like Lou Malnati’s either. However, WOW does it taste DELICIOUS! :blush:

Ipse was right: It’s got this great crust, with a bit of chew, but it’s crunchy and buttery and so fragrant! And the ingredients really shine: The Garlic, Spinach and Italian Sausage are wonderful. But the Housemade Ricotta Cheese is what makes this pie interesting. It adds a lightness to each bite, and the Tomato Sauce is just the right amount of tart and not very sweet. The Mozzarella isn’t as stringy as some of the pizzas we had in Chicago, but it was fine as is.

The Spring (Mozzarella, Red Onion, Mushroom, Bell Pepper, Black Olives) - 9" Deep Dish Pizza:

I liked The Spring Pizza even more. The Red Onion, Mushrooms and Bell Peppers tasted fresh and they all blended together to give this pie a really delicious, vegetal depth of flavor. But the Olives really added the extra punch, and the sauce and crust were as great as the previous pie. :slight_smile:

I would have to say Dough Box is now my favorite Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza in L.A., but I realize it’s not saying much. We like it more than Masa and Tony’s Little Italy. It may not be as authentic as a real Lou Malnati’s pie, but it’s pretty delicious as its own creation. :wink:

As ipse mentioned they are Delivery (within a 5 Mile Radius) or Pick-Up Only. (My friend confirmed they were able to deliver into the Alhambra / Monterey Park border area.) I hope they find a brick and mortar location soon.

Tuesday - Sunday, 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Dough Box
Curbside pick-up location:
1539 Fishburn Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA 90063
(Park in front of black building that says “Office” and we will bring your pizza to your car)

Tel: (323) 346-6811


From Eater LA:

Living the Pizza Dream, One Delivery at a Time
How Dough Box Pizza manages to keep so many people happy with so little

Read the article here.


Well written article, very interesting from a restaurant economics standpoint.

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