Peoria, IL, Lake Geneva, WI and Downers Grove--Recent highlights


Some scattershot impressions of a recent trip. I grew up in area and have been a regular visitor.


  • Touche restaurant; has a cocktail-of-the-day type program, and they are usually worth checking out. I had a smoky Paloma and wished I had had two.

  • Hyvee–don’t laugh. I was out with relatives and wanted food without going home or for a proper meal. We had pizza from the deli, and went two days in a row. Good one day, not good the next day when we returned. Eh.

  • Rizzi’s–good fried artichoke appetizer

  • Childer’s on University–you want breakfast? Go to Childer’s on University. Good food and service, and the place was pleasantly busy.

  • Jim’s Steak House–We went on a Sunday night early for the fried chicken special. I don’t think it’s on any menu, and it seemed to me the entirety of Grand View Drive decamped for their weekly fix. Very good, and I wish they served it with corn bread. Ah well.

* Jonah’s Seafood had a salad with tuna, which was just the thing on a hot day. After lunch we wandered over to their market where they sell fish, some food, really good cupcakes, and beer. I was pleasantly surprised to see them carrying Hell or High Water 21st Amendment.

Lake Geneva, WI

  • Popeye’s which was abysmal in every way. Food was bad, and beer was served in plastic cups. However, we wanted to eat in vicinity of our loved ones, the hotel, and the lake at 3:00pm. I’ve been more than once to this establishment because of reasons. They are consistent. They are open in late afternoon when other places are closed, and it’s never good.

  • Medusa’s Grill very very good, and I want to return. We did not have reservations, but walked right in at 5:00 and got seats at the bar. I think they refer to this as the chef’s table? PROTIP: send the octogenarians in with their sweet faces and grey hair to get good seating.
    I’m sorry I’m going from memory on food eaten: the website needs flash to view.
    We ate and all enjoyed glasses of wine, a negroni, brussel sprouts, the Greek ribs, a cheese plate maybe? And one scoop of gelato each. All of the food was excellent.

  • Simple ate breakfast on the restaurant side and enjoyed the corn fritters with eggs special. The Simple bakery is next door, but the two establishments do not seem to share goods (I tried to order an almond croissant to share at table, and was politely declined.) Hey. Your establishment, your rules; I’ve never tried to have a breakfast place in a tourist heavy town.

Downers Grove

  • Devon Seafood and Steak–good, solid nicer level food. The crowd and menu is comparable to a Houston’s if that gives context. I’ve been several times over the years, this outing had us there at lunch. I picked pretzel encrusted trout from the Power lunch entrees. It was a lot of food for $19 (came with good sized salad). Devon Seafood has a soft spot in my heart for its dessert menu. You can take a small box of assorted cookies to go! Perfect for the after dinner stomach settle, or even breakfast the next day.

* Rockwood Tap–bar food sometimes better than I think it will be. The beer is pretty good, and I’ve enjoyed sipping the Three Floyd selections there. Its kitchen serves late for the area and for a large place, not terribly loud.

* Billy Goat Tavern in York Town mall–It’s my favorite place in this food court. The soups are surprisingly tasty, and the Greek salad is large and filling.

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