Petit Fours

Where can I find the best petit fours on the Westside?

If you’re dining, then I would say the Bel Air Hotel.

I was thinking more of a bakery where I can take them home.

The petit fours at Valerie Confections at GCM are pretty solid…I know…sorry, not on the Westside.

A little bigger than you might like, although you could probably order them smaller, Caprice on Pico in Santa Monica near Trader Joe’s has delightful and reasonably-priced small pastries:

You ring the bell, and walk straight into their kitchen, where you can buy whatever they have on hand.

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Never heard of the place! Will have to drop by…

Are you pretty sure they have things you can buy on hand? The website makes it sound like you need to order ahead (so I assume they don’t have much excess).

They have always had stuff every time I go by. Relatively small sample size, though. I usually swing by after a McCabe’s trip.

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They usually have a big tray of at least 3 dozen assorted pastries when I go. Sometime a bit more, sometimes a bit less. And they don’t always have the same things, but they have some standards (cheesecakes, chocolate mousse, opera, etc.)

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