Phnom Penh Noodle Shack-LBC

I Gem of a place. Khmer-Americans continuing the tradition. Parking is horrible here. The neighborhood is not the best so use caution when parking. There is always a wait.

Phnom Penh Noodle. Wet with rice noodle. Can get it dry with a side of bone soup.
Broth is on point like Steph Curry on the 3 Line.

Thr fried bread sticks are perfect. Not oily at all. They don’t hold up well for too long FYI. These would be great to dip in some coffee with condense milk.

Getting the marrow out!

Loat Cha, tear drop noodles. If you are a fan of pan fried noodles…chow fun, char kway teow, pad see ew, you will love this!

In the words of @J_L



I go here on the regular because I work at CSULB. I highly recommend ordering any of the soup noodles “dry” since you basically get the same ingredients to create the noodle soup BUT you also get a big pork joint to go with it. Definitely the way to go at any of the Cambodian noodle spots in LB.

Parking can be a challenge but I generally haven’t had a problem with it. Cherry often will have at least 1-2 spots open across the street. The side streets are much tougher plus you have to deal with street-cleaning days. I’d give Cherry a look first and then hit up the side streets as Plan B.

I’d disagree that the neighborhood is anywhere you’d have to be overly nervous about. I mean, I wouldn’t leave my wallet on the dash or anything but that would apply to any neighborhood in L.A.

It certainly can get busy but I’d say, 40-50% of the time I go for lunch, there’s little to no wait if you’re a party of 1-2 people.


My cambo coworker says the place is legit. i’ve still never had cambodian