Pick my birthday dinner

If you dine at The Hearth and Hound you are supporting the chef/owner April Bloomfield. Many women who were sexually assaulted by her business partner, Ken Friedman, said that they told Bloomfield only to be told by her if they wanted to work at The Spotted Pig they must put up with his assaults.


If I had that vow, I would break it for a recommendation from @CiaoBob. His taste in food and restaurants is impeccable.

Got it. Wasn’t his suggestion :slight_smile:

My mistake. I thought you were responding to his suggestion of Tesse.

Wow, thanks.
Mom…is that you? :grin:


Odys & Penelope?

Cassia’s charcuterie platter was one of the most memorable dishes I’ve had in recent years.

Broken Spanish is great but to me not celebratory like e.g. Osteria Mozza, Chi Spacca, etc.

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Love that plate!

Somni is probably too precious but it truly is an awesome dining experience. A birthday celebration is the perfect reason to go.

I’d agree if you were watching my kid. But also I want him at the dinner, and want it more celebratory rather than cerebral.

I advised to SKIP Lukshon


Per OP: “plz help me pick something…” " not very swirly, eatble flowery, 1 bite dish spots"…
Somni was not on my list for our birthday boy for this reason.

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Right. Ooops. Apparently you did.
My reading skills are not what they once were.

I know, but it had to be mentioned :slight_smile:

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Went to Odys and Penelope for the first time recently. Was not impressed even though I really wanted to be. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great. Cheese puffs were doughy; wild mushrooms were great, but the branzino was fishy, and my burger wasn’t worth eating - it fell apart after two bites and the beef wasn’t beefy. Dessert was fantastic though. Two out of five is good for baseball, but not for a high-end restaurant.
Happy almost birthday Nemroz!

Best for drinks and dessert. The food has been so so and the brunch is pricey and meh. I wouldn’t waste a full meal here, let alone a BDay occasion.


I had a great meal. They’re open seven days so there may be nights when you get the B team.

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Could very well be. We went with a friend for the Sunday night supper. Short ribs weren’t available, IIRC they are a Tuesday night special. All in all it was a bust although they did comp my largely uneaten burger.


Yea same, went for dinner and a brunch and it’s good to very good but I need very great

How old’s the kiddo? And I love it that you want him there. Double congrats.

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