Pico Blvd - Best of

Did anyone mention Oki’s Dog near La Brea?

I find it interesting nobody mentioned Roscoes, which I purposely left off :smirk:.

I am told that Olsons Scandinavian Deli on Pico near Fairfax is absolutely fantastic. Its owned by Christian Kneedler - matri d’ at Dan Tana’s of all people. Christian is a great guy and obviously has terrific range. Cant wait to try it. Who knew???


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Look who’s on top of new things. Nice find.

Yes, that’s it. Been meaning to try it for years!

Damn, that looks good.

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Yup, Olson’s is great.

i forgot about La Serenita! i used to enjoy it. haven’t gone in awhile.

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Hello Mid-City Neighbors -

Went to My Two Cents for the first time since it reopened. Does anyone know if it changed ownership? It was really off. The food was prepared by 2 older Hispanic men, not the usual rotation of hip, young cooks. Not a bad thing if the food is still the same. :disappointed: The Gumbo - which was never award winning, but good for okra/tomato based - was just bad. It had 2 scrawny impossible to open crab legs, with no discernible meat inside. The Vegan Spaghetti was terrific… after I took it home and doctored it up (what’s the point of eating out?). It had barely any sauce. But the main complaint about the spaghetti - if you serve a dish not known for its spice you should specify on the menu. How about “spicy” in the title or a little :hot_pepper: next to it? My lips are still burning and I have pepper flakes wedged between my teeth… fun. For some inexplicable reason we didn’t order their standout Shrimp & Cheesy Grits, so can’t say if that’s changed. The menu “is being updated”; meaning what they were and were not serving was not reflected on the menu. And everything was salty.

The whole place was off and there appears to be some kind of a name change: Two Cents Cafe? So disappointed, because I love the concept of Soul Food with a healthier, ethical twist: organic, locally-raised food served on compostable products.

Anyway, we’re not giving up and will try again. But unfortunately, my youngest son (vegetarian) - who I had been imploring to go as an alternative to Bloom - will probably never go back.

What’s weird is their Yelp rating has gone up since reopening. :thinking:

TBC… Maybe.

P.S. @Chowseeker1999 - Stevie’s Creole Cafe finally responded to my email about the Fried Chicken. They thanked me for the heads-up. I’ll get back to you with an update.

Hi @TheCookie,

Very sad to hear about My Two Cents. I only went once and found it so-so, but was willing to go back again. Thanks for the warning. :frowning:

Good to hear about Stevie’s although that took so long for a response! :expressionless: Let me know how it goes. Thanks!

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I just looked at the little to go menu stuck in our doggie-bag. It does specify that the spaghetti is spicy, but the website doesn’t. :confused:

Hi !

Yah, when a place has only a few standouts and those things aren’t up to par you lose interest. M2C was always a bit of a challenge with the hours, small kitchen constraints and hit or miss dishes. But the owner (Alisa) provided a warm environment and was trying to do some good things. But we didn’t get any of that feeling today. Hopefully it was just an off day.

That’s the problem with recommending mom & pop type places. If they don’t stay on point you can end up with egg on your face… pun :slight_smile:.

We’ll see…

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The Hungry Pocket on the north side across from Santa Monica College is one of my favorites for falafel or schawarma pitas.

I used to go to the Tommy’s in the minimal on the S/W corner of Pico and Lincoln before it became yet another unnecessary Starbucks.

Cheng Du was in my regular lunch rotation before when it was Chung King.

I’ve enjoyed Marty’s the couple of times I was driving by and saw an open space. Where do People park there?

I used to be a big proponent of Label’s Table Deli when it was a great value. Then they raised their prices a lot. Still better than most for pastrami sandwiches, and they usually offer a deal on Groupon.

Dino’s is one of my favorites. Their chicken special is spectacular! I can’t resist it, but when I’ve had their huge pastrami sandwich or right-off-the-fire burgers those have been good too.

Sky’s Gourmet Tacos was meaty and good but I haven’t been there in a long time…

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Always been curious about getting a burger at Dino’s for the cross flavoring/seasoning from the chicken.

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For some reason, I don’t think that works as well as the cross-flavoring of carne asada and ground beef grease that goes on when you order a hamburger Yuca’s.

Although I’d imagine a burger slathered with Dino’s sauce would be unique creation all unto itself.

They have Buche Noel that I want to get thsi year!

Don’t get there often but really like Yabu and their bathroom with the Toto!

Also, Freddy’s Small


though no Toto…

I’ll remain silent on this place…

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Oh, and Bob’s Market for their prime beef! Nice porterhouse steaks and bone-in rib-eye. Good breakfast sausage and english bangers, though avoid their spiceless chorizo. They always have fresh liver, if you’re so inclined.

Also, their deli makes a mean club sandwich!


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New name for Jamaica’s Cakes is Top Tier Desserts. They changed the name because they were often mistaken as a bakery specializing in Jamaican style cakes (don’t know what that is other than Johnny cakes).


Thanks for the heads up on the name change! Though top tier seems harder to remember.

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