Pie Hole (Arts District)

Partner and I had driven through the Arts District but had never stopped to try anything there. Partner felt like going to Bar 82 (yay for arcade games!), and we noticed Pie Hole around the corner.

Housemade Lemonade
Good, refreshing, but just a touch too sweet (I like my lemonade very tart). Partner normally likes sweet stuff, and even he thought it was a touch too sweet.

(from foreground to back) Chocolate crostini, andouille sausage roll, chicken asiago roll, shepherd’s pie, blubarb pie

We ate the savory items first, and they were great. The andouille sausage had a nice kick, and the shepherd’s pie and chicken asiago roll were well seasoned.

The dough has nice layers, but it could’ve been slightly crisper (a nitpick).

The sweets, though, were a different story. The chocolate crostata really could’ve used some sea salt, and the filling was just a touch dry. I’ve only had rhubarb one other time; it from some random bakery in Paris, and I ate the pasty in a garden near the Rodin Museum. Whether it was the setting or whether it really was the pastry, that pastry was one of the best bites I’ve ever had in my life. And since it was the first time I had eaten rhubarb, well, all other rhubarb pastries are going to have equal or it (or will seem deficient).

The blubarb had some positives (good amount of filling), but it, too, was just a touch too sweet. And the crust was SO THICK and HARD. It held up well to the juices of the filling, but it was vaguely unpleasant to eat otherwise, actually.

Overall, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. We really liked the savories, but we wouldn’t be interested in ordering any of the other pies.


Holy Pie Hole. Coinkydink. We went to Hollywood Farmer’s Market today and passed the one on Hollywood / Vine. I hadn’t realized they had locations other than Pasadena. We had the Mom’s Apple Crumble on Mom’s Day at my sister’s in Altadena. It looked great, but like you, we weren’t blown away. Sugar was the prominent flavor in the filling. I didn’t know they had savories… Yum.

Nice pictures and report.

P.S. Eating rhubarb pastries in a garden in Paris sounds fabulous!

I’ve given up on the Pie Hole after discovering Bronzed Aussie.

Better apple pies, a freaking awesome caramel slice, and a custard tart that rivals just about anything a Hong Kong / Macau bakery can put out.

I’ve got to try an Aussie pie!

Every pie I have had here has been too sweet for my taste. The maple custard tasted like cheap flan. The Mexican chocolate has potential but too sweet.

Pie Hole or Bronzed Aussie?

Pie Hole

Yet another aussie pie place??? That makes for 4 (3, if you count LA county alone). I love Aussie Pie Kitchen. Might be time for a test taste. @ipsedixit: have you ever taken a savory pie there (Bronzed Aussie) to-go? Does it travel well?

It was. I had sort of run my partner ragged over the 2 wks prior b/c I wanted to see a ton of stuff in London and Paris (since I wasn’t sure if we’d ever have make it back!). This day in Paris was one of our last ones, and my partner was like, “See??? Isn’t slowing down fun???” ::sigh::

Kind of sad to hear other people had similar experiences. I really WANT to like the place. But… well…

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They sell frozen pies and they warm up great. I prefer them over aussie pie kitchen.

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[quote=“paranoidgarliclover, post:8, topic:3679”]
my partner was like, “See??? Isn’t slowing down fun???”
[/quote]Well, was it? :slight_smile:. I get a little hyped up on trips too. So many places to see and go. But you have to have that one day. Looks like we both have accommodating partners though.

pie hole is just absolute shit. From the bad coffee, to the borderline inedible crust… You might as well go to Pie n Burger.

Mother Moo S. Pas in about the only pies worth eating in the area (granted I haven’t made a concerted effort to chase down Rucker’s products).

I haven’t been in a while, but the peach cobbler at The Cobbler Factory used to be delicious. Perfect top crust, layered perfectly, soft, golden & lightly crispy.

If we’re talking about the Pie Hole in DTLA (and we are), then Mother Moo (either the OG or SoPas locations) are not in the “area”.

Best bet for traditional pies in the “area” is probably Valerie at GCM.