Pilgrimme on Galiano Island

As part of our trip to Vancouver, we stayed on Galiano Island for a few days. The owner of the house we rented recommended we reserve early at Pilgrimme. I wasn’t planning on dining out on the island, but we decided to try Pilgrimme. I called and left a message asking for reservation, but never heard back. I then tried emailing. It took a while but they replied, offering us a reservation time within our window.

We arrived to the restaurant and were seated in the small dining room close to a large party that took up the center of the room. They large party was loud and got louder as they continued to eat and drink. Later, more people showed up to drink with them and they got even louder. Fine dining is about the experience, for me, as much as the food, and I cannot think of Pilgrimme without thinking of the noise and rowdiness of the large party that was seated next to us. They never asked the party to quiet. We ended up walking to the bar for our check because the din of the party was such that we would have had to shout to hold a conversation. At the bar, the waitress apologized and said the party was locals. Not sure what that meant other than they didn’t want to ask locals to quiet since they are repeat customers. They offered us a dessert amuse bouche at the bar, since we had left our table.

The food was delicious. The only criticism was much of the flavors from the various dishes were in the same flavor profile. But all was extremely good.

this was an amuse bouche

This dish had a great play of flavors and textures.

This was also a standout dish though a few slices of the potatoes were inedible.

I don’t know if I would return to this restaurant. I know I would not if they had a large party that night.

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