Pine and Crane (silver lake)

I feel like huge tree pastry hasn’t been the same in years. Just pumping out too much food and quality has gone down.

Their soy milk is really thin. Their fan Tuan rice is often hard and poorly packed. YT often comes over fried. I know it was one of the OGs but just doesn’t hit the spot anymore. Rather just hit up 4c in San Gabriel.

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I enjoyed breakfast for certain items.

Daikon cake was too thin and their material isn’t substantive enough to go against how thin it is.

But their savory soy milk is incredible and the best dish on the breakfast menu. Their iced soy milk is rich, thickest soy milk I’ve had, which is a good thing, as close as I remember back in taiwan at the speciality stalls. Their YT is doughy yet crunchy which is rare anywhere in SoCal.

Fan Tuan rice layer is too thin so it fall apart quickly, but the stuff inside is well done. I remember mentioning it to them when they were doing their breakfast concept. The FT is falling apart as you eat it.


thanks for the recommendations. we have a soy milk machine here, and it’s hard for me to believe that anybody could make better soy milk than my sweetie pooh, peony. we’ve used soy beans of all different colors and filtered to all different consistencies. but we should try breakfast at pine and crane given that we live a few blocks away.

by the way, we both agree that the three cup chicken and three cup mushrooms at pine & crane are good.

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i’ll be right over! You bring the soy milk, we can meet at P&C DTLA for breakfast. haha

Wait, where do you get multi colored soybeans???

Peony: Only the yellow (regular) and black soybeans can be used to make soy milk. You can get white and black soy milk from these two. To get other colors, you can add other nuts, dried fruits, etc. For example, adding the dried Chinese red dates (jujubes) or corn or purple sweet yams makes it red or yellow or purple.

I bought the soy milk machine from Joyoung (a Chinese company specializes in soy milk machines) and it comes with a recipe book with may combinations you could do to add more flavors and nutrients to the soy milk. It’s fun to try!

I don’t have pictures for multi-color soymilk myself. Here are some from the internet:

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that’s really helpful, thank you! we make soymilk and tofu all the time and besides black sesame, never thought to do the other combinations such as jujubes and other grains/legumes.

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Great to know that you also like making soy milk and tofu! Black sesame is a great company for the soy beans!

Yes it’s really fun to try new combinations! Sorry I misspelled “Joyoung 九阳” as “Joyyoung”. Here is a link to one of the recipe books with English translation: