Pistachios: Aegina or Bronte?


Do you have a preference?

Is it Greek Aegina or Sicilian Bronte?

If you do, would mind explaining your preference?

Thank you.


From what I understand, the Aegina is supposed to be even better.

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I eat a lot of pistachios, and I think the Kirkland shelled ones at Costco are noticeably better than the shelled ones at TJ. Cheaper too, but you have to buy 24 oz. ($16, vs $8 per 1/2 lb at TJ). I believe they’re both domestic.

Update: Now $13.50 for 24 oz.

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Don’t know for sure, but I’ll check later this week or next when I go to restock.

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Nope, I didn’t see any unsalted ones either.

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Superior Nut Company has roasted, shelled, unsalted pistachios.

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