Pizza Morte

Well, I was heading to Highland Park yesterday(Sunday) around 6pm for a pizza visit to Triple Beam but when I saw the 110 crawling along, I got off at 9th St and headed to Superfine…Well, well lo & behold, it was closed…indefinitely…I had been there a few months ago and so I was very disappointed…strike 2 against pizza…and not sure where to go, I opted for Little Jewel for an Italian sausage po boy…it was damn good! sausage was slightly crispy around the edges and it had a tasty, spicy sauce…I ate at a sidewalk table where there was only one other person eating about 15ft away but when a half dozen other people showed up I finished the fries in my car…the fries are some of the best Ive had in LA…Now, I need to peruse the NY style pizza options in town…Certainly Pizza Wagon on Ventura in Sherman Oaks is at the top and Little Coyote in LB is probably #2


Superfine is available (12" pies) on the patio at Rossoblu for dine-in or take-out.


very interesting… have you tried it? I had a pepperoni at Rossoblu last summer…it was excellent

I have not been there yet but received an e-mail from Rossoblu about it.

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Wonder why are they closed. Slow? Says on Yelp expected to reopen on 4/30.

This promo is on their website: