Pizza place where daily shake was - Alfredos Pizza

Is it open? Anyone try it? I think’s called alfredo’s pizza. How long has daily shake been closed?

It’s open now. Someone go try it please. Alfredo’s pizza. pico/hauser.

I love how places call the small pizzas “large” and here an 18” pizza is a “mega“ LOL.

Seriously? An 18” cheese pie is $22.50 plus $2.50/topping.

“To Ensure an Authentic Italian Pie…We Import Our Water, Flour and Olive Oil From Naples, Italy. “ explains the price.

Judging by the photos on Yelp, it looks like it might be OK (from my standpoint which is preferring a thin crust New York).

They have a website:

Prime pizza’s 20 inch must be “schmega” then. lol
Here’s yelp. I get suspicious when all reviews are 5 stars.


Right?! LOL!

I’m more suspicious when the reviewer has only like one friend and only like two or three reviews. Or one of the reviewer‘s rated 5-star everyplace he’s been to. And the other one who takes 6 pictures of the pizza and was able to get one of the immaculate empty dining room. No, not a shill.

But still, worthy of at least a try!

I tried it. It was good! Thin crust. Better than Delicious Pizza. Not too filling either. I will go back for sure!IMG_20180623_162933


Thanks for the report back! We are in the neighborhood often and that pie does look good! Plenty of well cooked Mushrooms…

dis not pizza

I do want to try but Delicious Pizza is not too far

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What did you get? I like delicious pizza, but for the price, I’ll stick with village.

What’s village? The only pizza we regularly go for is Romana or De Sano… if on Pico it’s sotto. But i’m glad this Alfredo is here now… wont mind a slice sometimes… tho it’s not the kind of pizza i like… no crust rise… stupid cornmeal all over it… raw veg… bleh

that does look better… i swear i think i’d be rich if i open a place making the kind of quality of this style pizza i was working with in highschool in boston.

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