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General inquiry here but brought on by Pizzana.

What is it about restaurants and their need to be extra hard-ass about their reservation/seating policy? I understand, if you’re holding tables for people about to arrive, so you’re putting walk-ins on standby. No issue, standard practice. But here we are tired from the beach, ready to chow, walk in to see 1 person checking in, 2 tables empty, 2 spots at counter empty. Ask for a table at 7 o’clock to be told it’s 30-45 for a table. Said, cool, no problem, but we eat fast so anything you can do. Full host tude mode about reserved tables. I said no problem, we’ll wait, anything that opens up first, no matter the area, but this one table in particular would be good for you to give us since it’s too small for a 4 and we have a kid so we can fit tightly. Go outside wait. He comes out 10 minutes later to tell me that the table I was pointing to isn’t booked until 8:30 so we can have it if we don’t plan to linger. Neverfucking mind the fact that after 8 the place is half empty anyway on a Sunday night (which was proven when we were done eating). Nevermind the fact that it’s a gat damned pizza shop with food coming out quickly and you need to calm down about gestapo style reservations.

It’s nothing insulting or egregious and I know I’m not special and they don’t have to just move mountains for me. I’m just trying to figure out why the over-estimation, which drives people away, we almost left. Why say 30-45 if it could be 10 minutes? I’d much rather him tell me 10 and it ends up 20. Why are these places erring on the side of bad service and exclusive appearances. I’m not upset mind you.

Loved the pizza. Shit QPR obviously.


Inexperienced/unskilled host is the easiest answer


We’ve gotten delivery from here twice. The first time was not memorable, but the second time we tried their heat up the last bit at home option. We got the truffle pizza and another pizza. I don’t like that you cannot customize the pizza, and not a fan of the $20 plus delivery charge, either. Why is it so costly to get pizza delivered now?

But the truffle pizza was amazing. The other was not bad, but not what we ordered.

Wait, was the total cost $20+, or was the delivery charge alone $20?

If it’s the former, I think Pizzana is not cheap to begin w/, and, when I asked the question b/f about delivery charges on FTC previously, a few posters (who would have knowledge of such things) commented that the insurance and such to make sure a driver is covered in an accident def adds to the cost.

I went and looked and I might be mixing that up with another place that charged a percentage of the order. Looks like the delivery fee would have been $8, excluding tip.

I don’t know if the delivery costs can really be attributed to things like insurance, since what we’ve been hearing in the press is that services like DoorDash and Amazon steal the drivers’ tips to make up their salary and Uber drivers organizing against being treated like contract workers.

“Uber classifies its drivers as independent contractors ineligible for benefits associated with traditional employment, like health insurance, paid time off, or workers compensation.”

reminds me of a passage in ‘The Hand that Trembles’

“It creates jobs,” he objected.

Billstrom snorted.

“Impoverishment,” she said curtly…

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Anyone gone to the new Pizzana yet?
I think i’m going to start considering them the best pizza in LA. Hopefully new spot’s quality keeps up.

my problem with Pizzana was the bullshit attitude about changing a pizza…all I wanted to do was not include one of the 3 meats on the pie ordered…but Nooooooooo! the chef takes a great deal of time creating these different pies and so no alterations…fuck him and his Hollywood backers! 15 years ago choices were limited…not anymore!

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Our Napoletana pizza choices at that level are limited

I’ll go to South End or Mozza or DeSano any day!

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Ok, i was talking about pure Neopolitan blistery pizza though. Desana is my long time favorite obviously. Them and Mozza do hybrids. South End looks nice!

Really??? I will have to try them again. I enjoyed our pizza, but I don’t remember being wowed. Any particular toppings I should try?

I’ve been listening to the chef describing his approach (on good food, and air jordan pods). His background as a 3rd generation baker, his obsession with bread dough and the ancient mother dough he brought back from home, his attention to the ingridients and having re-tried the pizza I’m pretty damn wowed now. Really looking forward to try the West Ho location in hope it keeps up. J Gold was right about this one.

South End is a Mozza-like hybrid baked in a gas oven…regardless it’s excellent!

I’d go for the the Neo Margherita. It’s like they re-engineered the classic margherita pizza but completely changed the texture. No soggy center or excess sauce/cheese, but you get a slight nod to tradition with a single basil leaf on the entire pie.

Well the West Hollywood location is weird to the point of making it not enjoyable. Bring a coat even if sitting inside. Pizza is stupendous though. Wish they got a better spot


The crust is so incredible that even my carb hater of a partner couldn’t stop putting it away. Light, well fermented without any sourness, such good rise and perfect crisp to chew ratio

Look at that perfect rise

Nice meatballs though I wish she didn’t order it. I was vegan alllll day after watching Change Makers last night. Sauce was double salted, someone fucked up.

Lovely and perfect cesare

Great pizza
Amazing area
Shit location
Sit at the bar

I have ruled


Such is the word.

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LOL come on it’s almost all Neapolitan. I think all of the NYC places are all Neapolitan. In NYC….fuggetboutit

No New Haven? None of those Brooklyn places mentioned are even worth going to.

What this list sponsored by the Society of Neapolitan style pizza is the best style of pizza or something.

For god sakes a pizza place in Irvine made the list lmao


I consider this one a clickbait listicle…