Pizzeria Bianco

There was a mix available of whole pies priced between $27 and $36. Some were like $30, or $34

I assumed the $34 was a catchall upcharge, and possibly if you order both the $36 pies as half and half they would just charge you $36.

I’ve been wrong before though :rofl: I’m most likely wrong here

You gotta understand I was pretty high and had been riding my bike in 90+ heat


Yeah I’m most likely wrong

Pretty sure I confused hungryhungryhippos dinner split pie post above with my friends split pie, who went at lunch

I would like to take this moment to apologize to the food community as a whole :upside_down_face:


I’m in!

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And lemon. We were there last night too. Melon pieces were in big chunks, with a scattering of julienned fennel pieces. Melon itself was good, but the salad was not cohesive, overwhelmingly just tasted like lemon. It was by far our least favorite thing we ordered (antipasto, farinata, sonny boy and rosa pizzas).

Server mentioned that the cucumber salad was like a slaw, so maybe that was what looked like shaved melon?


Maybe it was the cucumber salad and not melon that I saw!


how beautiful is the Chef’s Table episode huh? i watched it twice.


I got a ressy for NOVEMBER 23 (the day before Thanksgiving)!


Lol the other day I was like I don’t need to make that reservation for the day after thanksgiving just yet. The hype can’t be THAT crazy after netflix. Now it’s gone

I asked Chris multiple times like please don’t release that Chef’s Table, you don’t need it.

But he was like naw man, the people need to know about Mike’s Deli


If anyone’s interested…… Chris Bianco is scheduled as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight.


It’s a repeat: Chef Chris Bianco on Netflix Show Chef’s Table: Pizza, Winning James Beard Award & He Calls His Mom - YouTube

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Yes. It’s a repeat. Just the same……

You will have to watch the series with her . It’s like trying to explain Miles Davis. Seeing the same pizzas coming out day after day is boring to her

that’s funny - i tried making the dish myself based on the pictures, from which i did not manage to deduce that there was also lemon - without lemon it was outstanding. will have to try it with now…

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It’s entirely possible someone had a too heavy hand with the lemon!

We went to Row DTLA to shop at Hightide today. Figured we’d grab a slice of pizza while we where there and were prepared to wait a while.

At 2pm the line was very, very long. Since they close at 3pm, I don’t even know how the folks were going to get their pizza.

This isn’t a complaint, I’m glad the restaurant is doing well. It’s more of a public service announcement.

For what it’s worth, the system they use in Phoenix is better, IMO. In Phoenix you leave your phone number and they text you when it’s your turn. It’s better because you can walk around and shop or whatever instead of standing on a line I’m sure there are reasons why they don’t do that in L.A. – not complaining, just observing.


Long shot: anyone want to trade dinner ressies? We have an 8:30 on 10/20 for two we can no longer make, and before giving it away, wanted to see if anyone got a res theyd be up for swapping.

Dumb question…how far out do they take dinner reservations?

I just went though their site and it’s locked up through Christmas.

3 months. i noticed they’re starting to take more walk-ins when they first open.

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Damn, Chef’s Table!


I just went today. I’d say 50% of the restaurant was full at 5:30. Then when we left at 7 it was about 75% full. Wonder if they are just slow loading to pace themselves and fine-tune everything. They were training staff still today.