Pizzeria Sei




Just walked in and sat right down at the counter. Open tables outside and one inside as well. Let’s see how this place is after all…

Phenomenal pizza. That’s now my favorite in LA. Mushroom pizza is perfect. Nduja was damn good as well.


Sergio was there making the salads - assistant doing the zas. Both things were quite delicious and well done


I was there last week and the assistant he had making pizzas was solid as well


Just went for the first time. Apologies if this has been discussed already: Does anybody else find the pizzas are overloaded with toppings? Admittedly it was a small sample set, Diavola & Funghi.

Also - thin stratum of uncooked dough in both pizzas. Not super objectionable but noticeable. Maybe that’s part of the pillowy Savoy style. I’m not an expert.

Thus marinara > *

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Copy that!

I know people tend to think that mariana is the best pizza to “test” a new pizza place but at least for me it is by far the most boring pizza

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Skimming the photos, the pies mostly look sparsely topped, as they should be.


Diavola was:

  • A dollop of fresh crushed tomato on the dough. Substantially more (my impression) than the traditional “spread” layer of sauce.

  • Followed by the most of the remaining ingredients (cheese, salumi, basil, etc.)

  • Followed by a couple of directed spoonsful of tomato on top and the evoo of course.

Here’s a pic from yelp. Ours looked substantially like this but was a bit wet under the hood.

I will say the slices had a pretty classic structural profile: Stiff enough to pick up when transversely bent with a wet floppy tip comprising 25-30% of their length.


Fork and knife . Bellissimo

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It’s more the neopolitan style of quick cooking, not all the moisture from certain toppings get evaporated so if you don’t dive into a second after it comes out… it can sog up. That is why when we got this pie…

We gobbled down the first slice the second it hit the table. It was SUBLIME.

Then I got the under carriage shot… you see the condensation…

But not like some of the soupy Neapolitans I’ve had in my life. But still, the second the third slices were nearly as good as the others.

We had a phenominal dinner there two weeks ago. We had their Tomato and Burratta salad (Those toasts are AMAZING!!!)

And the pickles were as good as I hoped.

We also felt that the prices were great for what we had. The service was friendly we loved the Yelp waiting list. We just put ourselves on the list as we drove over and just waited in the car for a bit. EASY PEASY. Can’t wait to go back…


Yep, we’re pretty up to speed on classic and neo-Neapolitan styles.

Thanks for the feedback, everybody!

Tried it today for lunch. Sergio was in the house but the assistant made our pizza.

Since I had my kids with me I wasn’t able to be adventurous with the pizza choices—but for me, since I come from bread and pizza baking history—the first thing I taste is the crust and dough. I did enjoy the cook—the crust had nice shattering crispness and tender crumb—flavor of the dough was very good but not spectacular (im just biased towards sourdough/naturally leavened with more whole grains so this comment applies to many pizzarias out there and not a criticism of Sei—though Sergio did say on an IG post that his sourdough is the best he’s made).

Would def like to try again with their other signature pizzas.


Forgot to note. New assistant at dinner time!

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also recently tried Sei for the first time, which was also my first time with the Tokyo-style neopolitan. i was surprised by how distinct the dough style is - i think it actually carves out a distinct niche in the pizza ecosystem.

pizza here was good!


Peony: We went to Sei for the first time today. I am not a big pizza person as Warrior is but I thought the pizzas were done well and had good flavors!

Warrior: Outstanding! These pizzas are probably the best I’ve eaten in LA! I liked the tricolore salad, but the version at Pizzeria Mozza is clearly better IMO (gotta have those anchovies). Really wonderful place. I’m happy that they have found success and wish them more success in the future.


Finally made it over here because I had business nearby.

Y’all! This dough/crust is so wonderful! Crisp, but also airy and soft at the same time! It was very pleasing.

Tricolore salad
The simplicity of this salad is what makes it so good. You taste the greens, a very light dressing with plenty of lemon kick because of the zest and cheese! My chowpup thought it was too much cheese…but we don’t really trust this one’s palate as much as the others.

(Seasonal) Zucche
Honeynut squash as a sauce is really kind of brilliant. I did enjoy the fior de latte and the goat cheese mix, too.

Margarita (+ pepperoni)
So good that the chowpup took down more than half of the pie. This is a well made and executed pie.

Best seats in the house are at the bar/counter. Service was fast and Sergio was in the house.

Strolled in at 11:35ish AM today and grabbed 2 seats no problem. Line out the door by 12:30PM.


Haha. Pepperoni pie looks great.


These FTC kids are gonna have some really developed palates by the time they graduate high school.

Man when I was young I was pretty excited to get Little Caesars pizza and some crazy bread. Tokyo style Neapolitan? LOL I read a bunch of books for Pizza Hut’s Book It program for a free personal pizza. Wait there are different styles of pizza.

Hope to try this place out when I am back in town. Only a matter of time when the east coast will get someone who will do this style.

As far as pizza goes LA has almost every major style represented. Pretty impressive and something pizza snobs will overlook.